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Fastest Growing Skills on Field Engineer


Syed Ali


July 22, 2019

Connecting companies to talented engineers and technicians across a range of specializations, Field Engineer brings businesses and freelancers together. With an ever-increasing demand for qualified and skilled freelancers, the ability to choose freelancers from a pool of experienced, qualified and innovative technicians is saving companies a significant amount each year, sometimes even up to 60%.

Whilst overall demand for engineering freelancers has grown in recent years, there’s been a particular surge in demand for Network Engineers and Wireless Engineers. As companies make use of new technology and move towards wireless solutions, it’s easy to see why qualified freelance Network and Wireless Engineers are constantly been sought out. 

Similarly, Virtualization Engineering is a growing specialism, with more freelancers adding this area to their portfolios. Cloud Services Engineers are familiar with a wide range of virtualization products and systems, whilst VMware Engineers and Certified AWS Engineers can offer in-depth knowledge of these virtualization models. 

With many companies keen to take advantage of the move towards a virtual landscape, there are numerous businesses in need of Virtualization Engineers. With the right cloud-based services, companies can benefit from real-time systems, which can be accessed from any location. Whether you have a team working in the field or a global business with employees spread all over the world, using a Virtualization Engineer to get your in-house systems operating in the cloud can be a cost-effective and highly-efficient option.

For all organizations, the on-going need for security services has led to a consistent demand for Security Consultants, Analysts, and Experts. As companies face new security and system threats daily, businesses require the expertise of security engineers on a near-constant basis. Their familiarity and understanding of the latest cyber security threats, along with their in-depth knowledge of various cyber security regulations and legislation, ensure they can offer enhanced protection and keep your business operational in the face of repeated online security threats.



Why is There an Increasing Demand for Freelancers?

Traditionally, businesses were forced to hire staff on a full or part-time basis to make use of their skills and knowledge. However, the engineering and technology industries are no longer suited to these types of working arrangements. 

Whilst businesses may need the services of various engineers and technicians throughout the year, they don’t always need them regularly. You may be looking for software engineering skills to create and launch a new in-house system, for example, but you may not require on-going software engineering skills once this is up and running. Clearly, hiring a professional on a full-time basis would be a costly solution. 

By using specialist freelancers and subcontractors, companies can access the specialist skills they need, as and when they need them. From day contracts, fixed-term projects and on-going maintenance arrangements, businesses can find efficient and experienced subcontractors to work on particular issues or areas. As well as planning certain projects in advance, companies can parachute in expert freelancer if the need arises. Rather than keeping an IT Security Consultant on the payroll, for example, you may choose to hire a freelancer to perform regular security checks throughout the year and call upon a subcontractor if a security breach takes place. 

Increasing Demand for Freelancers

With increased flexibility, companies can rely on freelancers to fill any gaps in their in-house staff, so your payroll can be reduced dramatically.

Furthermore, the range of technologies which is now available means that it would be unrealistic for businesses to retain in-house staff across these areas. Companies routinely rely on a range of specialists to keep their business functioning. From Wireless Engineers to Network Specialists, RF Engineers and Desktop Engineers, developing technology means there are more specializations than ever before.

Using qualified freelancers ensures businesses can adopt the latest technology, without the need to hire in-house staff to manage or maintain it. In fact, the increasing use of skilled subcontractors gives companies the freedom to use any systems or software they choose; safe in the knowledge they can access expert technicians at any time.

Accessing Top Talent

Another advantage of using engineering freelancers and subcontractors is the range of in-depth skills and knowledge businesses can access. Freelancers are usually self-employed, and as such, they take on the responsibility for their career development. Eager to ensure they remain attractive to clients, freelancers are typically more proactive when it comes to upgrading their professional skills. In fact, it’s estimated that freelancers and subcontractors are twice as likely as salaried employees to seek out opportunities to upgrade their skills. This is why the technology has become a battlefield for top talent.

In an industry which is constantly evolving, hiring freelancers who are at the cutting edge of technology has a whole host of benefits. Whether you need to access mechanical engineering skills or software expertise, using an engineer who is familiar with the latest technological systems and innovations can put your company ahead of the competition. 

Furthermore, when you access engineering skills by engaging with freelancers, you can choose from a pool of professionals who have specialties in niche areas. If you’re a company which offers specialist products and services, or you simply want to make use of high-technical and specialist engineering solutions, you can access the best talent and innovation by working with engineering freelancers and subcontractors.

Reducing Costs with Freelance Engineers

As well as securing the opportunity to work with the most qualified and talented professionals in the industry, using freelance technicians and engineers can be extremely cost-effective. As companies already know, the hiring process can be extremely time-consuming and costly. Similarly, retaining good employees can account for a significant proportion of your outgoings.

When you hire freelancers, however, you needn’t worry about salaries, benefits and 401Ks. Instead, you can contract for particular projects or day rates. Allowing IT professionals to schedule their working arrangements and affording companies the luxury of selecting subcontractors from a global pool of talent, Field Engineer is the ultimate place for engineers to find upcoming projects and for businesses to scout out the talent, skills and knowledge they need.

Join the ranks of engineers in high-demand. Get hired by businesses seeking freelance engineers by signing up for Field Engineer today!


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