Cyber Security Analyst

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Cyber Security Analyst

Are you wondering what type of work Cyber Security Analyst jobs involve? Cyber Security Analyst skills are in demand worldwide, and here at Field Engineer, we can connect you with the businesses that need this type of service. No business can let their data be at risk, whether it is stored online or on a network. Securing their systems is a top priority for many of them but they have to find the right people with the expertise they need.

Cyber Security Analyst Job Description

Cybercriminals are one of the biggest worries that business owners have, which is why Cyber Security Analyst responsibilities are so important. You would be responsible for ensuring the security of organizations digital systems. This includes assessing their security guidelines and procedures to find any issues that may need addressing.

As a Cyber Security Analyst, businesses large and small will expect you to provide a high-quality service that will protect their systems, data, network, and programs.

Cyber Security Analyst Responsibilities

Your Cyber Security Analyst skills have to mean you are capable of:

  • Designing, applying and updating security actions and controls
  • Establishing plans and procedures to protect digital files and information systems against unapproved access, deletion or adjustment.
  • Testing weaknesses and evaluating systems as part of a security assessment
  • Performing internal and external checks to lower the risk of security alerts
  • Planning incident responses and disaster recovery
  • Managing the network and all security issues related to it
  • Analyzing and finding where security issues originate from
  • Fixing appropriate tools and software
  • Explaining, applying and keeping corporate security policies in order

Cybercriminals are continually finding new ways of attacking businesses and it is therefore vital that you keep up to date with new innovations that provide protection against them.

You may also be expected to pass on information and train staff members in how to behave with their digital devices and desktops to lower the risk of any security breaches. Often, security lapses happen because an employee gives access to someone that should not have it, generally accidentally.

Certification for Cyber Security Analyst Freelance Jobs

If you want to be successful as a Cyber Security Analyst, it is best if you have a degree in computer science, IT, network technologies or some other related field. With this as your starting point, you will then be able to earn the certification you need to apply for Cyber Security Analyst freelance jobs.

Certifications such as CISSP or CISM will show the various businesses at Field Engineer that you have the knowledge and expertise they need. It is also useful if you have knowledge of LAN, WAN, Wireless, and a data center’s network communication. Ongoing training can also enhance your chances of becoming one of the top people in the field of Cyber Security Analyst jobs.

As explained in the Cyber Security Analyst Job Description, the right expertise is vital if you want to make a success of a career as a Cyber Security Analyst, and being certified in this field will give businesses more faith in your abilities to secure their systems.

Cyber Security Analyst Salary

Cyber Security Analyst Salary

For a professional, the Cyber Security Analyst salary averages at $79,738 per year, but this can be more depending on your experience and qualifications.  Freelancing in this field is a good way to get exposure and can maximize the experience you achieve.

The more you successfully complete work orders on Field Engineer, the more opportunities will open up from across the world.

Joining The Field Engineer Team

It could not be simpler to become a Cyber Security Analyst as part of the Field Engineer Team. As soon as you sign up you will be connected with the companies that need your skills, regardless of where you are located.

There are a multitude of benefits to being a freelancer and now is your chance to marry your talents with this situation.  It appears that freelancers will soon account for 50% of the working population in the US, with the same trend showing in the UK and other European countries. This is partly because of sites such as ours at Field Engineer, where we are a global marketplace that brings together the businesses that need expertise and those that have the necessary skills.

More than forty thousand engineers have already found the benefits of freelancing and being part of the Field Engineer team and joining them is easy.

You have nothing to lose by signing up and could gain a great deal, so do it now!

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