Certified Information Systems Security Professional

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Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The Certified Information System Security Professional- CISSP, is a globally recognized standard, recognized for the cyber security professionals. The IT security professionals are the ones who are involved to ensure the network security for your business. CISSP professionals help in the management and implementation of security programs inside the company’s network infrastructure.

The corporate world and U.S. government have been ringing the bell from quite a sometime regarding the cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Various companies have come up with their solution by the deployment of security personnel for their IT network across their wide network. Similarly, in the recent past, the concept of on-demand security workforce has come into the picture which talks about the security measures taken to ensure the safety of the corporate system’s network from malware.

This is where multiple digital platforms have launched their portfolios like field engineer wherein you can showcase your acquired ability from CISSP as a freelance security consultant. The CISSP professionals create a policy that set a structure for proper controls and can oversee the risk management of network security.

Job Description

CISSP looks after the safety of information kept on an organization’s computer system is important and confidential. For example, they may have information of staffs and customers that must be encoded to prevent identity theft, or there may be proposals to new expertise that has not yet been patented.

As a certified security professional ensure that all private data pertaining to the business, its staffs, and its customers, remains non-public.

Certified information system security professional research, develop, implement, assesses and review a business information security to safeguard information and avoid unauthorized right to use. They inform users about security processes, explain possible threats, install software, apply security policy and monitor networks. Nowadays cyber-attacks have gone up, so is the demand for security professionals in the corporate world.

They are usually accountable for collecting information essential to maintain security and create functional exterior barriers such as firewalls and other security procedures. They outline, produce and keep the documentation for certification and authorization of each information structure in accordance with the company’s necessities.

They also evaluate the effects on system changes and technological improvements. Moreover, CISSP analyzes systems in order to find potential security faults, suggests enhancements to modify weaknesses, applies modifications, and document improvements.

Job Description

Education and Certification

In order to be a successful information security professional, you will need to have a necessary essential bachelor degree followed by that your work experience in the field of corporate network security.

The CISSP certification is the most sought offered by ISC2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium), in the field of information security which opens a wide door in the world of cyber professional career. CISSP distinguishes you from the noncertified peers in an on-demand marketplace.

In order to be certified as a CISSP, you will require a minimum of five years of full-time, paid job as a security professional in two or more of the eight domains outlined in the CISSP, such as cryptography and software development security.

Security professionals who take up CISSP should be capable of describing problems such as architecture and identity control to safeguard information system. They should be able to explain the issues to customers and other shareholders, the analyst should know how to evaluate the corporate or businesses’ existing IT operations plans for event reaction and make suggestions to respective staff for enhancements to business security.

Most of the businesses value the CISSP as a cybersecurity certification holders for its title as a benchmark for security specialists. While the new launch in time and money are significant, the occupation prizes can be appreciated as experts with the CISSP are much in demand. In fact, freelance security professional is making additional income apart from the normal job. So, the next can be you provided you should be on some kind of digital platform like fieldengineer.com.

It is a well-known fact that certified information security professionals earn a global average of 25 percent extra than their non-certified colleagues.


As per Payscale, on average, a Certified Information System Security Professional-CISSP, earns around $107K per year in the United States. Working as a freelance CISSP specialist can be just as rewarding as full time in fact with flexibility. Global freelance marketplaces, like Field Engineer, provide the best platform for a freelancer to connect with potential employers.

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