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How Field Engineer Helps California Businesses Cut Costs by 60%


Malik Zakaria


May 8, 2019

Considered a haven for tech companies, entrepreneurs and savvy investors, California is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies. What’s more – it’s the most popular state for companies to base their headquarters. Currently, the headquarters of 20% of public companies in the US are in California, and it’s a trend which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

As companies continue to flock to the Golden State, the demand for IT services increases. Many of the firms based in California operate on a global basis, meaning their need for vast IT infrastructures is non-negotiable. In turn, there is an almost constant demand for IT specialists and engineers.

Whilst the pull of Silicon Valley has drawn many budding IT entrepreneurs to the state, it’s not just the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft who offer viable career opportunities in the tech industry. With so many businesses based in the state, IT engineers in all specialisms can build a thriving businesses and establish a world-class reputation through their work in the Golden State.



How is the gig economy saving businesses money?

A company’s workforce is arguably their biggest asset, but it can also be their most significant liability and their most costly outgoing. With businesses regularly spending billions of pounds in wages, anything which can reduce these costs is a welcome change to the industry.

The rise of the gig economy has, therefore, revolutionized the way companies operate. There is no longer any need to hire full-time IT staff, particularly if a company’s IT needs regularly change or evolve. Whilst large firms may still choose to hire a skeleton staff of IT professionals, they can supplement this with on demands workers as and when they’re needed.

Similarly, smaller companies no longer have to extend their budget in order to finance full-time IT staff. Instead, they can hire subcontractors and freelances to provide the help they need on an ad hoc basis.

Without the need to hire full-time workers, and offer a variety of contractual benefits, businesses can save a staggering amount of revenue. As well as reducing the cost of maintaining an effective staff, companies can minimize their investment in the hiring process itself.


How does the gig economy work?

In essence, the gig economy enables businesses to access skilled workers as and when they need them. If a large project arises, companies can hire extra staff to help them fulfil it. Alternatively, if companies need specialist help with a particular project, they can hire a consultant, analyst or California professional engineer to manage the relevant tasks.

Businesses and workers negotiate the terms, and there is no requirement for companies to offer on-going work or repeat contracts. Also known as an on-demand economy, businesses can simply access the specialist assistance they require as it’s needed, rather than keeping someone on the payroll who may only be needed at ad-hoc intervals.

For workers, the gig economy has introduced freedom in the workplace. More individuals are able to self-govern and choose the type of work they want to take on, rather than being at the behest of a full-time employer.

In addition, an on-demand economy works well for IT workers and engineers because it allows for career development and growth. With over 300,000 IT job roles now recognized, IT professionals can undertake work in certain specialist areas if they choose to or perform more general roles for businesses which may require a full-service approach to outsourced IT services. Whether workers are looking for telecom technician jobs California, cybersecurity secondments on the East Coast or ad hoc work as a disaster recovery analyst in the Golden State, there are companies who need them.


Using on demand workers in enterprise businesses

Generally associated with entrepreneurial projects, enterprise businesses often involve individuals who want to invest by launching a start-up and running it until it’s a fully-fledged business. As any business owner knows, launching a new enterprise is a risky process and it often involves long hours, hard work and minimal budgets.

Enterprise businesses can gain particular benefits from a gig economy because they’re able to access top-quality labor at relatively cheap rates. Getting specialist skills in a cost-effective format can be the difference between success or failure for budget-limited startups, so using on-demand workers is a way of increasing overall business success and keeping overheads down.

In California, where enterprise businesses are becoming increasingly commonplace, the need for on-demand workers continues to rise. With companies able to reduce costs by approximately 60%, the financial benefits speak for themselves. Operating as a global marketplace for skilled IT specialists, Field Engineer has revolutionized the way companies access the IT services they need, and we have helped many startups to hire qualified, on-demand workers.

Finding freelancers with Field Engineer

Whilst businesses can reduce their costs significantly by using on-demand workers, they need to have easy access to a pool of verified, reputable workers in order to make a gig economy viable for them. Field Engineer brings a global workforce to your fingertips. With over 1,400+ workers situated on the West Coast and tens of thousands worldwide, California-based companies can choose from a vast selection of local IT specialists for on-site projects and an even larger pool of global workers for projects which can be completed remotely.

With a variety of engineering jobs in California and unlimited job opportunities, IT workers in all specialisms have flocked to Field Engineer. Companies can simply sign up, place an advert explaining what sort of assistance they require and select a worker from the applicants which respond. Qualifications, certifications, reviews, and portfolios help to highlight candidates which can fulfill your needs, and exemplary online processes ensure your project will be completed satisfactorily. If you want to access world-class IT talent for one-off projects, new installs or even on-going maintenance roles, why wait?

Businesses all over California are finding incredible success in hiring freelance engineers on Field Engineer. Join the ranks of these companies that are saving time and money – sign up for free today!

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