Virtual Network Specialist

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Virtual Network Specialist

Do you dream of turning your Virtual Network Specialist skills into a thriving career working for some of the premier clients within the telecom industry? With the Field Engineer platform by your side, you can finally make that dream a reality by putting yourself in the spotlight like never before.

Virtual Network Specialist Job Description

As a virtual network specialist, your role will be to help organizations take care of their networks. Companies need people like you with the skills to design, build and implement virtual networks, and then evaluate their performance once they are in place.

It may come as a surprise, but many companies, including those in the IT and telecoms sector, do not have the in-house skills required to resolve many issues related to networking. As such, they are relying on you to help them with things like patch management, version upgrades, cloud migration, and firewalls.

It is also your job to help businesses become cloud-enabled. Companies want your skills to help transfer their current network architectures from traditional systems - like in-house servers - and onto cloud-based platforms, like Microsoft Azure. Your role will be to help organizations rapidly deploy networks that do not rely on local physical servers or hardware, providing customers with the scalability and flexibility they desire.

Virtual Network Specialist Responsibilities

As a virtual network specialist, companies will expect you to take on a set of responsibilities related to your field of expertise. It will be your job to take care of their virtual network and understand enterprise-level network administration. Firms will rely on you to troubleshoot any issues that arise relating to networking, firewalls, or security devices. You’ll also have to be confident in installing, configuring and upgrading networks in-line with your client’s operational strategy, meaning that you’ll have to have excellent knowledge of your trade.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Upgrading the firmware and maintaining virtual client pools
  • Ensuring system available on the virtual network
  • Maintain a fully-patched and updated OS for image testing
  • Providing customers with a virtual desktop infrastructure for testing and analysis

Finally, you’ll be expected to ensure that clients maintain the highest security standards possible on their networks and may be granted access to high-security profiles. It’s your job, therefore, to handle the installation of operating system patches and DOD security vulnerability patches to ensure continued operation and functioning of the network.

Educational Requirements To Be A Virtual Network Specialist

Most companies want to see that you have an adequate educational background to deliver a project to a high standard, as well as evidence of good virtual network specialist skills. All virtual network specialists must complete higher secondary education and obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as computer science, information technology, telecommunications, electronics, and electricals. Some companies may require you to have a master’s degree or professional specialization, believing that these qualifications are an indication of better speaking, writing, problem-solving and team working skills.

Businesses also want to see that you have relevant practical experience as a virtual network specialist, whether at a previous place of work or as a freelancer. Freelance virtual network specialists like you can earn excellent money when you showcase both your educational achievements and the relevant work experience that you have, especially when that work experience relates to the problem that a customer would like to solve.

The Skills You Need To Be A Virtual Network Specialist

If you want to be hired as a virtual network specialist, you’ll need ample skill in managing and troubleshooting networks, as well as helping companies migrate their systems into virtual environments.

Your job won’t be purely technical: companies may want you to liaise with their non-technical employees and instruct them on the proper use of the network and how to manage their accounts. It is vital that you have excellent and well-developed communication skills, and that you can give instructions and information in person and in writing.

Virtual Network Specialist Salary

How much can you expect to earn with Virtual Network Specialist freelance jobs? Data from Payscale shows that virtual network specialists can make anywhere from $38,714 to $83,700 per year, before bonuses. The average pay for a virtual network specialist is $55,000.

Freelancing as a virtual network specialist with is a great way to increase your earning potential, diversify your risk away from a single employer, and easily find the clients you need without wasting money on search costs.

By signing up to the platform now, you can start applying for Virtual Network Specialist jobs immediately and begin building the profile you need to attract more clients in the future. So what are you waiting for?

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