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RF Technician


Are you a talented Radio Frequency (RF) Technician looking for your next big opportunity? Have you spent too long searching for an RF technician job that gives you challenge and satisfaction as well as autonomy and freedom? Field Engineer can give you access to the opportunities you need to take your career to the next level. We have a wide array of clients who are looking for people with RF Technician skills just like you!

As a world-leading resource for skilled freelance engineers and technicians, Field Engineer is a place where qualified, experienced technicians can get in touch with employers who need their services. Our wide range of international clients are looking for people just like you to fill a range of RF technician freelance jobs all over the world.  Sign up to our platform and you’ll have instant access to a wide range of engineering jobs which are designed to match your experience and expertise.

Do you Have What it Takes to Go Freelance?

Our clients all over the world have a range of RF Technician jobs just waiting for you to bring your expertise and talent to bear on them. When you sign up to our unique platform you’ll get the opportunity to work closely with our clients around the world to deliver a wide range of support solutions on a freelance basis.

RF Technician Job Description & Responsibilities

If you want to become a freelance RF technician, the responsibilities are many and varied. Our clients have a wide range of needs and operations to which you’ll be able to lend your support, drawing on your knowledge of engineering and electromechanical concepts and techniques to offer solutions to a range of potentially complex problems. Some of the duties and responsibilities you’ll be asked to fulfill may include;

  • Working with a range of RF-enabled devices including cell phone antennas, amplifiers, two-way radios, satellite systems, and internet access points.
  • Troubleshooting circuits used in RF transmission independently and with site engineers.
  • Identifying and repairing faults in finished assemblies making adjustments as required.
  • Identifying the causes of faults and work with on-site teams to implement preventative measures so that they do not happen again.
  • Model creation, assembly, tuning, and plan development as well as modifying antenna prototypes, parts, and assemblies.
  • Maintaining documentation of test cases.
  • Performing routine antenna capability tests.
Educational Qualifications & Experience

RF Technician Educational Qualifications & Experience

Before you apply for one of our RF Technician freelance jobs, our clients will want to see that you have the requisite credentials and experience to bring to bear on their unique needs. In most cases, RF Technician jobs require a degree in computer science, IT, network technologies or a related field. Industry recognized certification is also advantageous. Beneficial certifications include RFID certification issued by the RFID Professional Institute, wireless certification issued by Anritsu, or any certifications issued by iNARTE.

RF Technician Skills & Job Outlook

The future is full of opportunity for RF Technicians. In the digital era, many operations of all shapes and sizes are reliable in RF communications and regularly require assistance in developing, testing and supporting systems.

Devices that use RF technology are abundant and found in a range of fields and industries such as spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, power supplies, signal generators, power meters, battery emulators, and pulse generators… All of which an RF technician will come into contact with regularly throughout their duties. Because these devices are so ubiquitous there are a wealth of opportunities for RF Technicians now and long into the future.

RF Technician Salary

As per Glassdoor, the average RF Technician salary is around $46, 740 per annum in the United States or more depending on your experience level. Freelance rates vary depending on experience, qualifications, and certifications.

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