VMware Solutions Architect

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VMware Solutions Architect

Do you have aspirations of turning your passion for technology into a successful career as a VMware Solutions Architect? Here at Field Engineer, we’re committed to helping you get the freedom and flexibility you crave and providing you with access to high-quality clients in need of your services.

VMware Solutions Architect Job Description

The job of a VMware solutions architect is multi-faceted. On the one hand, they must have an excellent understanding of VMware’s virtualization and cloud computing products, and on the other, the ability to communicate what they know to the people around them, particularly the engineering and product management teams.

VMware solutions architect skills include the ability to set up the network and storage system for the ESXi Host, being able to oversee virtual machines and VM resource management, and having the requisite knowledge to test integration and evaluate whether new systems will work.

VMware specialists are currently in high demands by many companies around the world today, thanks to the increasing reliant on cloud computing solutions and virtual machines. With Field Engineer, you can quickly find the companies that need your services right now, without having to spend any time or energy searching for new clients. Just sign up to the app and start browsing and applying for VMware Solutions Architect jobs immediately.

VMware Solutions Architect Responsibilities

VMware solutions architects have a variety of responsibilities as part of their role. Companies who hire you may expect you to integrate your knowledge with full-time members of staff on their team, sharing information and coming up with integrated solutions. Your responsibilities may include

  • Understanding the needs of customers
  • Excellent knowledge of scripting modules and plugins
  • Making recommendations to teams about best practices

In addition to these responsibilities, you’ll also need to have an in-depth understanding of VMware SDDS, vSAN, VNX, vSphere, and other VMware technologies. Employers may want you to have practical experience with CI/CD tools and RESTful APIs. Many companies will expect you to be well-versed in both programming and architectural frameworks and can manage both clients and stakeholders as you carry out your work.

VMware Solutions Architect Education

To qualify as somebody that a company might hire to take care of their virtual machine or cloud-based IT requirements, most companies want to see that you have the relevant education. But what kind of qualifications do you need to be taken on as a freelance VMware solutions architect?

Most employers will want to see that you have a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as electronics/electricals, information technology, computer science, or telecommunication. They will also want to know what experience you’ve already had in similar roles, either as a freelancer or as an employee of a relevant organization.

In general, the better your education and the more experience you have had in the VMware field, the more in-demand your services will be. Companies want to see that you not only have the educational acumen to do the work that they need doing but also the practical, problem-solving skills to see it through.

VMware Solutions Architect Skills

If you want to get hired as a freelance VMware solutions architect, you need to make sure that the people buying your services can see that you have all the relevant skills. Beside excellent communication and technical skills, a VMware solutions architect needs to have an in-depth understanding of vCenter administration, and be able to perform root cause analysis - a special kind of problem-solving approach in high demand by industry.

Many of the most successful VMware solutions architects combine their hard skills with soft skills, such as their ability to coordinate teams to achieve better outcomes. Companies need VMware specialists who can not only understand their systems but also help other people in their organizations keep up.

How Much Does A VMware Solutions Architect Get Paid?

Because of the rarity of their skills, companies are willing to pay a significant amount of money for the services of a VMware engineer, even on a temporary or part-time basis.

According to the popular job search website Indeed, the average VMware engineer earns $142.015 per year - or about three times the US average salary. Top earners, according to Paysa, can make more than $ 235,281, and the very highest earners can make over $269,000.

Taking on VMware Solutions Architect freelance jobs through Field Engineer is an excellent way for you to climb your way up to these high earning. Once you’ve got a few clients under your belt and have helped several companies with their cloud computing solutions, you’ll be in high demand.

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