Dell EMC Proven Professional

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Dell EMC Proven Professional

A Dell EMC Proven Professional is someone who deploys, leverages, and manages Dell EMC information infrastructures, Big Data, or Dell EMC cloud solutions. The professional works in IT environments. The professional through the technology-focused approach should address the concepts and principles that can be applied in all IT environments. They must be able to handle the full range of Dell EMC's hardware, software, and solutions.

Professionals must load VMware and Dell EMC software products and will perform highly complex or extended software implementations. They have to successfully manage and coordinate with the customer to acquire the internal and external resources necessary for optimal results. They offer custom design and implementation assistance on Dell EMC products. The professionals play an active role in pre-sales meetings and design seminars, implementation, customization, integration and outline orientation for clients.

The Dell EMC Certified Expert collaborates with Customer Service, Dell EMC sales, and project managers. They are responsible for ensuring a seamless transition from start-up to integration and production mode. Dell EMC Certified Experts need to have good knowledge of the implementation of complex storage environments.

The professional has to provide operational support to customers for implementations and management of Dell EMC solutions. They should work closely with the customer on Dell EMC Best Practices. The Dell EMC Proven Professional must offer solutions to the customer for improving their use of Dell EMC backup. They will provide them with recovery solutions to help maximize their satisfaction with Dell EMC. The professionals actively contribute to the configuration, layout and performance tuning of EMC and non-Dell EMC products

Job Description

A Dell EMC Proven Professional handles cloud, converged infrastructure, data protection, networking, and servers. The professional will enhance the skills required to manage your Information infrastructure environment. The professional will represent the Dell EMC in a professional manner to customers.  They need to train the customer personnel once they are allowed to deploy management.

Dell EMC Proven Professionals offer technical help to colleagues who are unfamiliar with technology. The professionals need to adhere to safety standards and report hazardous situations. The professional should be the first on to report on unsafe situations. They have to recommend improvements that will benefit the organization.

The professional must provide all the necessary assistance and report to the project manager, while assigned any active customer engagements. They have to advise the project manager about the time and effort required to carry out any assigned deployment activities. The Dell professional should prepare, maintain and submit the activity progress and must make sure everything is going as per the published procedures.

It is the responsibility of the Dell EMC Proven Professional to keep the project manager posted about the activities and alerting of any issues promptly. They have to give updates to Dell EMC case tracking system about technical applications for software implementation and problem reporting or resolution. They have to collaborate with the project manager to finish end-of-project reports.

Educational Qualifications

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics & Electricals or any other related field. Previous work experience makes professionals stand out. Some companies prefer people with a master's degree specializing in Cloud or Data Storage.


Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification

The Dell EMC Proven Professional certification focuses on Cloud, Converged Infrastructure, Data Science, Data Protection, Infrastructure Protection, Networking, Servers, and Storage. Individuals will learn about the deployment, leveraging, and management of Dell EMC information infrastructure, Big Data or Dell EMC cloud solution. The candidates will have the technical expertise to the full range of Dell EMC's hardware, software, and solutions. The additional skills the Dell EMC certification provides is:


The Dell EMC professional should examine and evaluate the design infrastructure. They should be able to provide cloud computing solutions that play a critical role in the digital transformation. The professional will have a good knowledge of Cloud, Data Storage, Data Protection, and Converged Infrastructure.


The candidate must be capable of formulating and deploying robust and industry-proven strategies. The organization can ensure optimal performance and availability through these strategies. They are expected to solve issues with converged systems, hybrid cloud, and software-defined infrastructure (SDI).


The professional must fully leverage the Dell EMC technology capabilities to configure, manage and integrate Dell EMC infrastructure solutions to drive business efficiencies. They must be able to manage your Information infrastructure environment and take care of the issues related to it.


The Dell EMC Proven Professional must play an active role in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Dell EMC products. They must utilize the technologies and solutions to support the deployed infrastructure. The candidate must be able to handle any issues related to Data Storage, Scale-out Storage, Networking and Servers.


According to Indeed, on an average, the Dell EMC Proven Professional salary ranges from approximately $33,446 per year for Senior Customer Advocate to $107,786 per year for Solutions Engineer. The Paysa salary estimate for this position the employees earn an average of $150,865, ranging from $108,544 at the 25th percentile to $181,121 at the 75th percentile.

Career Opportunities

The Dell EMC Proven Professionals will have great opportunities in the future. The organizations are on a lookout for candidates with in-depth knowledge and skills in storage management. With many companies moving towards data and storage strategy, the demand for data and storage expertise will not recede anytime soon. The professionals have to update and revise their knowledge with the state-of-the-art storage management content to be on the cutting edge and in demand.

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