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What is Implementation Management?

Implementation management is a process carried out by an implementation manager, also known as a client service delivery manager. It involves managing a team who are responsible for the implementation of technical software, hardware, and solutions within a company, and is largely to thank for the smooth implementation of both IT and telecommunication services.

It falls to an implementation manager to allocate resources during new implementation, as well as addressing concerns which arise through new processes. Successful implementation management also involves the close communications of an implementation manager with project managers they work alongside.

What do Implementation Managers do?

Given that this is a management role, implementation managers face a vast array of responsibilities. It falls to them to monitor all implementation requests while providing coaching for a team of implementation coordinators.

Other vital responsibilities include administering everyday workflow and resolving issues through coordination. Most implementation managers also collaborate with a system integration team to meet client requests.

What Skills and Qualifications are Necessary for Implementation Managers?

Specific qualifications for implementation managers vary dependent on jobs. That said, at least a bachelor’s degree is necessary to get going, with computer sciences the most useful option. Many employers also prefer implementation managers with business degrees.

While not crucial, experience with the technologies you’ll be working with is also helpful and can be gained through IT courses. Internships in similar roles can also bring invaluable experience in each program.

Other than that, implementation managers should focus on a basic skill set, including the ability to work within different departments and teams. Communication skills are also essential for ensuring the ability to explain processes effectively.

Skills and Qualifications

The Future Outlook for Implementation Management

According to, the demand for implementation managers is increasing with technology and is predicted to grow by an amazing 12% before 2026. That’s much higher than the average 8% growth predicted in most other industries over the same period.

As many companies seek services like these from outside, freelance implementation management is especially lucrative at the moment. Freelancers are finding that they can implement processes to a variety of companies at once, and therefore see substantially more than the annual implementation manager income.

How much do Implementation Managers Earn?

According to Payscale, implementation managers can, on average, expect to earn around $71,193 per annum. That said, full-time implementation managers could stand to earn upwards of $113,956 dependent on the qualifications they have behind them.

And, as mentioned, these are amounts which freelance implementation managers are blowing out of the water with more jobs and thus more overall income.

Freelancing with Guaranteed Results

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Implementation Manager - Ericsson
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