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IT companies are much more cognizant of the prerequisite to innovate and deliver resources that drive add-on business, and they need to travel at the speed of business, not the speed of outdated IT. Hence NOC engineer is no less important in the IT field.

A NOC (network operation center) engineer is an expert who primarily screens large computer networks and server for hitches from a centralized locations or through satellite. They analyze the problems, implement the troubleshooting, incident reaction on the system and communicate with field technician for a better resolution to meet the business goals or objectives.

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Core of NOC engineer: Their responsibilities are wide. The expertise needed for a NOC, or Network Operations Center include network administration, Network Support, management, switching and routing.

NOC Engineer Job Description:

To accomplish their primary goal of monitoring and troubleshooting computer and telecommunication networks and systems, NOC engineer performs several tasks. A NOC engineer, ensures smooth functioning of the network for business needs and keeps the downtime to negligible level. The NOC engineer job description includes following responsibilities:

To ensure maximum possible service availability and performance.

Monitor Systems: They monitor the performance and capability of computer systems using a diversified tools. They figure out the malfunctioning of hardware, software, and environmental alerts. When a problem is recognized, NOC Engineers does the root cause analysis (RCA).

Troubleshoot Problems: They work to triage or troubleshoot the issues, within their defined areas. NOCs generally have standard operating procedures (SOP) that the NOC engineer will closely follow. This may include coordinating with third-party vendors, customer contacts, or other IT teams for a holistic solution.

Tracking Issues: In response to incidents, the NOC engineer should carefully track and document all defects and resolutions in detail. This helps in increasing the expert base of NOC and helps in maintenance of system’s health record. Often, the NOC has a ticketing system that the NOC Engineer is accountable for updating.

Report Incidents: When the technical issues are complicated which needs an immediate response or troubleshooting, NOC engineers must escalate the matter to management as per their SOP (Standard Operation Procedure). If need be they can include the other IT resources, 3rd party or vendors for a faster resolution after obtaining the proper approvals. They maintain the proper communication channels within intra teams or outside so that all stakeholders are kept informed ahead in time bound manner.


Although there are several noc engineer jobs in the global market but in order to be a successful NOC engineer one should have following skills as add-on, apart from basic degree in computer science, which will boost the career:

  • Server hardware experience with Cisco UCS, HP, and Dell blade systems
  • Experience working in a large distribution or manufacturing environments


Following are the certifications which will help in enhancing the career of NOC engineer:

  • The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • The MCIPT (Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification)
  • The MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification)
  • The Cisco Certification

They can also enhance their future by learning wireless network system for better visibility.

NOC Engineer Salary

Males represents the main stream of Network Operations Center Engineers in the United States. For a full time service, an average NOC engineer salary as per payscale is of $59000 per annum depending upon the experience and maturity of job. As a freelance NOC engineer, earning potential is huge in top freelance marketplace like FieldEngineer for a greater satisfaction.

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