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Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians oversee intricate network components and are dedicated to monitor network systems. They are accountable for network management. They perform troubleshooting on a daily basis. Their work environment includes maintaining network, servers and telecommunications, equipment’s in the company.

Network and severs form the basic part of IT infrastructure. Businesses hire NOC technicians for creating a centralized location comprising both servers and network elements, housing them in the same place simplifies the process of security and also maintenance.

NOC Technician Job Description :

NOC technician is responsible for carrying out monitoring operations, servicing servers, network and telecommunication equipment in data centers and companies. When a system encounters any hindrance, it’s their duty to troubleshoot, sort out the problem and make it function properly. Based on the level of complexity, businesses hire them at different levels such that the respective tasks are performed by technicians and delivered on time. They should provide 100% support to customers, and solve the issue.

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Baring the above responsibilities, they also perform the below duties :

Diagnose Issues :
When the system malfunctions, they should troubleshoot and identify the problem. This might include coordinating with IT teams and other customer contacts.

Disclose Incidents :

After the occurrence of the incident, the efforts commenced depends on the intensity of the issue. If the problem is solvable then reporting to higher officials or the management is not mandatory, but when the issue becomes complicated they should report to the management. They should communicate with IT teams and third party vendors if necessary.

Figure out all issues :

All the noticed issues should be documented in a proper structured format, this can be held for future reference. When they face the same scenario it will be helpful for them to pull out the solution.

Supervise the systems: Continuous monitoring of systems through various tools. They are very attentive and pick up the alarm signals if any.

NOC Technician salary :

Salary is the main constraint for any employer, it depends on various factors such as experience, skills and the city. The hourly rate is different from full time to that of a freelancer. For a freelancer, the range is in between ($20.42 – $33.32)/hr and for full time it’s in between ($13.95 – $28.61)/hr. This shows how the pay differs from full-time employers.

Every organization aims at providing an un-interrupted network connectivity provided with the best security measures. The features mentioned are available in field engineer, which is focusing on quality than quantity. Guarantee the employers that you are providing the best healthy work environment by fulfilling the basic requirement. Always “Good Environment Yields Good Results”.

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