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The job of a field technician has many benefits; it can be a flexible position with many rewarding challenges and a lucrative salary. Actually finding a suitable field technician position can often be the hardest part. With Field Engineer, we take care of the hardest parts for you and offer you a new way to help you stay employed. By filling part-time, project-based positions, you will be guaranteed an income fast and may actually find you enjoy the flexibility of freelancing more than a full-time role. Create an online profile today and see just how different the Field Engineer process is.

In an economy that keeps fluctuating and offering less-than stable conditions for employment in any field, it can be particularly important to maintain a steady income any way you can. With Field Engineer, the option to fill project-based positions as a field technician or any number of other roles is easier and more accessible.

How it Works

Field Engineer is an online, international platform that connects engineers searching for part-time work with companies looking to hire for such work. It’s really that simple.

The platform is similar to any other online recruiting site, with a few major differences. For starters, the program is specific to engineers and companies looking to hire engineers. This means that every job posting is targeted to engineers and technicians and each member out there is a pre-verified, qualified potential candidate for the position.

To start searching for jobs or applicants anywhere around the world, simply create an online profile that best describes you or your business and link a bank account to your profile. As a business, post a job and either search for potential employees or wait for them to come to you. As an engineer, create your profile outlining as detailed as you can your experience and qualifications. Then begin searching through jobs that appeal to you and are matched with your qualifications and interests.

Field Engineer has even streamlined the process for you, making this simple process even easier for the user.

Don’t waste time searching through hundreds of resumes or job posting sites; just get relevant, abundant options delivered straight to you. With our specialized Field Engineer Rapid Al Matching software, hundreds and even thousands of job descriptions and applicant profiles are scanned and presented to you, ensuring you never miss a perfect candidate or position. This saves you valuable time and effort.

Getting Paid

One of the best parts of using the Field Engineer is the security and promptness in which you get paid. When you connect your Field Engineer profile with a bank account, you can do so either with a credit card, bank account direct deposit or a PayPal account.

As a business, this makes funding your part-time employees quick and simple. By avoiding the need to enroll a new, full-time employee into your payroll system, you save yourself and your business time. This is ultimately more cost and time effective for business while still letting you accomplish important projects.

As an employee, you are guaranteed the most secure and fast payment possible, as soon as your project is submitted and approved. As you complete more projects, build your profile and get more positive reviews from employers, you can use those good reviews to leverage a higher salary for future projects.

Types of Positions in Demand

Types of Positions in Demand

The types of positions that Field Engineer companies are seeking vary depending on timing, location and your qualifications.

The good thing about engineering positions is that they are always in demand. Even during recessionary slumps, engineers are needed, if even just for project-based work. Field Engineer helps connect you with these types of jobs in order to keep your cash flow steady.

Field service engineer or field service technician projects, for example, are almost always in demand since there are only a small niche of professionals that know how to perform these jobs. At Field Engineer, companies in our network hire project managers, voice engineers, security engineers, datacenter engineers and VMware engineers, amongst many more miscellaneous positions. Any position as a field service engineer or field service technician guarantees a project that is challenging, interesting and provides fair, lucrative pay.

You may choose to try out Field Engineer for a variety of reasons. Though the service was originally created to help recently out-of-work engineers stay employed and continue to build their resume, today it is used for many reasons.

As a business, the benefits of hiring part-time work are endless. If your in-house team cannot perform a project in a timely, adequate manner and you don’t wait to spend the time and money finding a full-time employee to complete the role, a project-based member from Field Engineer is the way to go.

As an engineer, whether you still hold your full-time position and want to make some additional money or you’re looking for work while you job-hunt for a full-time position, Field Engineer can benefit you.

Whatever your original reason for signing up, being a part of the Field Engineer network will change the way you see project-based engineering jobs. With a global network that extends to more than 132 countries and currently holds more than 15,000 members, just being a part of the online community will make a huge impact on your career.

Grow your resume, your network and your bank account with Field Engineer.

Try Field Engineer’s easy-to-use platform to see why so many people keep coming back to our service, in good times and in tough. Success for us is seeing you succeed and watching your online profile build. With tools that are designed to make searching for and posting jobs easy and a secure service that background checks all of our members for you, we take care of the hard parts for you. Whether you’re searching for a field technician to fill a role or you are a field technician looking for work.

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