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If you are looking for freelance engineering talents, Field Engineer is the right place for you. Our platform represents a marketplace where talented engineers and employers meet – with ease and within minutes. Forget about the pains (and costs) of finding the right person in the right location – let bygones be bygones! At FE, we make connecting telecommunications work with the right field engineering professionals straightforward. Simply create an account, browse our pool of highly skilled field engineers, and select the right candidate.

Engineering Freelance is not a Dream Anymore. Field Engineer will Help you Find the Right People in a Flash.

Engineering freelance is not unattainable anymore. At FE, companies delivering telecommunications services get to find just the right professionals to suit their particular needs. The fields covered include communications service providers (CSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), hardware manufacturers, and retail chains.

So how does Field Engineer work exactly? “The concept is simple. I’ve worked for several years in the telecom industry, and I’ve witnessed first-hand how projects get sidelined or delayed because the people with the expertise to get the job done aren’t available, or geographically too far away to respond promptly”, says Malik Zakaria, founder and CEO of Field Engineer.

The right field engineer is just around the corner, so to speak, and we make sure to help you pinpoint just the right professional by optimizing your time. At FE, we provide all background checks and necessary paperwork, and our review system is set in place to shorten the once painfully long selection process. Handle business expansion and job backlogs to locations lacking in field resources with confidence and in a timely manner.

All jobs get automated at FE – once you have selected the right engineer, we will ensure that the job is done seamlessly and effortlessly – from the very beginning right down to the execution.

Field Engineer Jobs From Around the Globe Delivered to your Mailbox – Leave it to Field Engineer!

FE offers a wide range of field engineer jobs. So far, the platform has connected more than 15,000 engineers with the right employer. Since its launching in October 2016 to April 2017, FE saw 45 different businesses – large and small – complete more than 4,500 jobs.


We have entered the experience economy – a state of the labor market that values skills and know-how and presents a new model for working that brings together capable individuals with the companies that have work to do. Nowhere is this opportunity more apparent than in the telecommunications industry. Through my 20 years in telecom, I’ve seen how big of a disconnect there is – between the field engineers trying to find meaningful work and the frustrated service providers who know there is talent out there but don’t have a way to find it quickly or efficiently. This is why we’ve invented a new field workforce model for the telecommunications industry.

Malik Zakaria.


With freelance engineering talents from 137 countries to choose from, FE lives up to its self-imposed standards – excellence and ease at any cost. The engineers to have signed up on the platform come from North and South America, APAC regions, Europe, and Africa.

  • Getting Started at FE – Businesses

Using the FE platform is suitable even for the busiest of businessmen. The process is automated with real-time tracking in check. To get started, sign up, create your profile, and – start browsing. Funding your account has been simplified as well – you may choose credit card or PayPal deposits or bank transfers.

The next step is filling out a work order to get your job listing live. The professionals interested in the offer will post their bids – yours is only to evaluate the offer and assign the job. To further optimize your time, FE has made sure to provide you with the paperwork and background checks. The above mentioned review system will make the selection process even smoother, as you will get the right kind of feedback off the bat. Once the professional has been selected, simply use the FE real-time completion system to track the progress of the job.

  • Getting Started at FE – Field Engineers

To choose from our rich offer of engineering jobs, you only need sign up. Create your profile, specify your preferences, publish your skill sets and credentials, and we will do the rest. We will connect you to the right businesses in a matter of minutes. Our notification system will help you keep track of the offer on the go. Job alerts are delivered to your inbox as soon as new projects get posted – don’t miss out on the best of offers ever again!

Further out, FE is available for iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play. Install the application on your cellular and catch the jobs anytime, anywhere.

Once you have found the job that suits you, submit the bid and negotiate the terms. All the job details are provided in a timely manner. Agree on the job terms to start working on the project and make use of the FE real-time tracking system to maximize the results.

All payments at FE are guaranteed and made immediately upon the project completion. The businesses fund their accounts in advance – no delays acceptable.

Freelance Engineering at its Finest. Easy. Flexible. Online.

Use the benefits of freelance engineering whenever, wherever and get best offers delivered to your inbox daily. FE is the platform where excellence exceeds expectations and where all right people always get to meet each other. Try it out today and bring your freelance experience to the next level!

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