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Field Engineer creates a network of engineers and freelance job providers that will expand your professional network and help you expand your engineering skills!

The task of finding the very best freelance network engineer has gotten a complete makeover with the development of online freelance marketplaces.

Without network engineer an IT industry comes to stand still as its one of the important department, which carries out any other IT, related job functions. Similar to a few other hot IT positions, such as software engineers and web developers, network engineers are in high demand. At times they have to work odd hours for a full coverage for the service at a client or assigned location. Nowadays engineers practice the freelance platform as it was anticipated, to fill the gap while they search for full-time engineering work and to make a freelance engineering side income. The freelance engineering platform has become increasingly popular every year, as network engineers are constantly in demand. A network engineer salary ranges from $70,147 per year. The national average salary for a Network Engineer is $77,484 in United States. A senior network engineer salary starts with an average of $96,517 per year. Most people in this job have more than five years’ experience in related jobs. In Freelance Marketplace for Telecom engineers, a network engineer has the following common responsibilities:

  • Designing and implementing functional network infrastructure
  • Resolving issues that tiers of support have escalated
  • Mentoring team members and addressing user needs

Field Engineer is a curious platform designed with one goal in mind only – connecting talented field engineers and the businesses that need their services in the best possible way for both parties.
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Freelance network engineers looking for opportune engineering job offers will be glad to hear that FE offers jobs across the globe, with both large and small businesses hiring. Nobody knows it better than engineers that the ever-growing demand is bound to create more job openings and with online marketplaces getting stronger steadily, the prize is ready for the taking.

Engineering jobs are plentiful and rewarding, but that doesn’t mean the offer can’t get any better. By no means! At FE we believe that the engineering market is bound to keep expanding, creating more freelance engineer job openings in the process.

Field Engineer has a global presence. It currently lists over 15,000 engineering talents from 137 countries. Engineers from Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific regions and Africa are available for engineering projects, which makes providing a scalable, cost saving workforce a viable prospect indeed.

You will find what you are looking for with ease getting help from this world wide operating platform.

Minimizing labor costs is one of the main reasons why field engineering has gone viral, in a manner of speaking, and FE offers best time management options to boot.

Why do Engineers Choose to Freelance?

There are tons of reasons that engineers decide to do freelance engineer work. Field Engineer was originally born out of a need to help out of work engineers maintain a steady income until they found more consistent engineering work. It created an engineering network with thousands of engineers. The freelance engineering business took off; many engineers began to use the freelance engineering service as not only an income for in-between engineering positions but also as a unique way to make an additional income. Full-time engineers began picking up freelance engineering projects in order to expand their engineering network and make a lot more money.

Today, over fifteen thousand freelance engineers are enrolled in Field Engineer’s freelance engineering service, which operates in over one hundred and thirty two countries. Today’s engineers use the freelance platform as it was intended, to fill the gap while they search for full-time engineering work and also to make a freelance engineering side income. The freelance engineering platform has become increasingly popular each year, as engineers are constantly in demand.

Freelance projects span a variety of engineering skills, so you can ensure that whichever engineering job you specialize in, there is a freelance project perfect for you.

Freelancing is also ideal for engineers that are looking to explore the world. As air travel becomes more affordable and accessible and the Internet allows freelancing work to be done virtually anywhere, many engineers opt to to take their work on the road with them. Working as a freelancer or working remotely for a company has become extremely popular; why should engineers be any different?

An added bonus? Since engineering positions tend to be well-paying jobs, freelance engineers can live generally comfortable lives as they travel abroad.
With all of these benefits to freelance engineering, why aren’t all engineers flocking to freelance engineering positions? For many engineers, is is because of the difficultly in finding freelance engineer positions. That is where Field Engineer freelance engineering search engine comes in handy!

Looking for Perfect Freelance Network Engineer Jobs in US?

We know it is not always easy to find freelance network engineer jobs in US and it takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the risk of working for businesses you haven’t been working with before. But you don’t have to worry anymore- Field Engineer is the right place to be! To browse job listings or get job alerts, you need to sign up at FE. This is an easy process, taking no more than several minutes. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up to create your freelance engineering profile;
  2. Publish your engineer credentials and skill sets in engineering;
  3. Specify your interests for optimum search results;
  4. Browse engineering jobs or set up job alerts – or both;
  5. Bid and negotiate the terms of your engineer project contract.

FE is available for Android and iOS, so you will be able to get new job alerts wherever you are – no need to be glued to your screen in anticipation.

Businesses Wishing to Sign up for the Best Freelance Websites for Network Engineers Can do so with Field Engineer Just as Easily!

We’re happy to explain just how easy freelance websites for network engineers can be and how we are working to make all of our engineers comfortable and happy.

  1. Sign up;
  2. Fund your account (PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer) so you can pay your engineers;
  3. Fill out a work order to get your project listed;
  4. Receive and evaluate bids from freelancers;
  5. Agree upon terms;
  6. Get the job done

Field Engineer has set in place an automated process to make things more straightforward and less time-consuming for engineers and freelance job listers. Never miss out on an offer again, wherever you may be.

Finally, at FE you get to track developments at any given moment. A real-time completion feature will make the task seamless. We offer security and guarantee excellence – without fail.

Finding the best workers with Field Engineer’s freelance network engineer recruitment platform is as easy as signing up and browsing your options!
The task of finding the best freelance network engineer at FE has been simplified as much as possible, as you can conclude from the above mentioned. Still, many often wonder if any risks are involved. We can firmly and categorically say: no!

How is that possible?

On top of minimizing labor costs, our freelance engineering platform also reduces all kinds of risks. Albeit freelance engineering is, without a doubt, the wave of the future, many companies are still reluctant to work with unknown engineering contractors. Traditional engineer recruitment agencies, while costly, still remain the only choice for many brick and mortar businesses.

Keeping that in mind, FE has set in place a more reliable, affordable engineering verification system.

According to Malik Zakaria, FE founder, CEO and engineer himself, the platform has “built into our process background checks, in-depth work history disclosures, and an online rating system. We also verify certifications that technicians claim to have received.”

In plain English, you will find no fake claims at FE and the time-consuming engineer recruitment process will get shortened considerably by our rating system. Simply go through the credentials provided and narrow down your freelance position search within minutes.

The way FE sees things, businesses look for a way to outsource engineering jobs at a fraction of the cost, while freelance engineers can choose projects that work with their schedules as well as meet their desired rates of pay. With both freelance project listers and engineers getting exactly what they bargained for, this is a win-win situation no matter how we look at it.

Let’s take a look at the Field Engineer process.

  • Rapid Al Matching software : Using each engineer’s specific qualifications, past engineering experience and even location, our software scans every job description to match you with freelance engineering jobs that are the best fit for you. This is one of the most important aspects of Field Engineer’s success, reducing the amount of effort and time you put into searching through countless engineering job listings by doing the hard work for you.
  • Business friendly tools : Features that help automate and manage freelance projects for businesses allow multiple projects to be delegated at the same time with little effort from businesses. This benefits the company and the Field Engineer freelance employees. There are also features such as employee engineer tracking, in real-time, and no fees for businesses also make the platform appealing to engineering companies.
  • Mobile Application : It wouldn’t make sense to call ourselves a modern temporary engineering agency if we didn’t have a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. And so we do have both. Both applications will help you stay ahead of your competition by staying up-to-date on the latest freelance job postings and help you to instantly respond to potential engineer employers from anywhere in the world.
  • Safety : No matter how complete an engineer’s job description may be online, you still may not be 100% confident to hire that person. But with Field Engineer, you can be. All of the engineering companies that work with us are guaranteed to be reliable, trustworthy and unbiased, providing you with the best possible options for a well-paid role. Every one of our freelancers must also pass a background check for felonies and drug charges, which allows reassurance to engineering companies as well.
  • Global network : By creating a global engineering network, you have access to jobs that otherwise may not be on your radar, a win-win for the freelancer and the engineering company that hires you.

“Broadly, we’re part of the telecommunications industry. But in reality, we’re creating a new model for B2B work overall. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have an official number of exactly how many contract-based workers there are, but over the past 20 years, the number of workers who operate as independent contractors, often through apps, has increased by about 27 percent more than payroll employees, according to CNBC. For the telecom industry, talking about telecom companies, VARs, hardware manufacturers, MSPs and enterprise businesses who have work where some kind of communications thing needs to be setup or serviced or disconnected – the opportunity is huge” Zakaria says.

Finally, Field Engineer stands for excellence and is planning to expand its scope of work further. The future looks bright for freelance engineers worldwide and employers alike.

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