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All right, it’s not glamorous. However, it may be lucrative and it’s a never ending need. Freelance IT jobs are irrefutably in high demand, and expected to shoot up further. However, you may think that as a freelancer I will only be as successful as my next gig. People tend to believe that it’s a secured way of making a living but need to understand their intricacies before diving. Most valuable skills that freelance IT jobs hones to perfection are marketing & customer service. Undoubtedly, IT freelance jobs are plenty and the pains of going through all those offers time overriding. Field engineer is solid platform with excellent reliability one can vouch. Whether you’re looking for alternate to pay the bills, seeking more expert development opportunities or just love the freedom that freelancing offers, there’s no question that millions of people have discovered the benefits of professional freelancing. There are plenty of it freelance jobs in global freelance marketplace. An online freelance marketplace such as Field engineer saves significant time and money on labor, with quality deliverable. As of now, FE lists more than 15,000 talented field engineers from 137 countries, with the number growing rapidly and – constantly high.

Freelance it jobs are indisputably in high demand, and likely to skyrocket further. What up until recently represented a huge obstacle in this field is cost-effectiveness. You may breathe fresh air now, though, as a new exciting platform is set to change that for good. Enter Field Engineer, online platform helping the growing engineering space by bringing together businesses and engineering professionals.

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Admittedly, IT freelance jobs are many and the pains of going through all those offers is time-consuming, to say the least. That is where Field Engineer steps in, pioneering a new approach. FE will provide you with all the necessary paperwork – credentials, liability insurance, background checks, and applicant reviews.

Keep the recruiting process simple – leave the essentials to us!

We launched a platform where the Field Engineers that have spare time or might be in between jobs, can pick up contracts available in their local community. When a line fails, or a new installation order is placed, telecom companies submit a work order to us. We then alert our network of Field Techs that a job is available. The project is awarded, and the issue is resolved within hours, instead of days or weeks. – Malik Zakaria, founder and CEO of Field Engineer.

How it works, Step by Step – Businesses

  1. Sign up and fund your account;
  2. Deposit funds using a credit card, bank account, or PayPal;
  3. Post the job;
  4. Fill out a work order to get bids;
  5. Evaluate and assign;
  6. Track and approve the job.

How it Works, Step by Step – Job Seekers

  1. Sign up;
  2. Fill out your account profile;
  3. Publish your credentials, skill sets, and interests (worldwide selection available);
  4. Search jobs or receive job alerts;
  5. Apply and agree on job terms;
  6. Submit bids, negotiate terms, and receive job start details;
  7. Complete work and get paid.

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Field Engineer offers a wide range of freelance tech jobs. Create your account to browse them or get job alerts on a regular basis. So far, our platform has seen 45 different businesses complete more than 4,500 jobs. All that – in less than six months.

The most comprehensive list of freelance it jobs is to be found at Field Engineer. Wherever in the wide world you are, you are certain to find a perfect match (or more than one) right here at our platform. Both businesses and professionals showcased cover a large region so far including North and South America, APAC regions, Europe, and Africa.

Field Engineer makes everyone’s life easier – the cost-effectiveness can hardly get exaggerated. Namely, in order to compete in the highly competitive engineering market, prices need to be kept reasonable. Skilled professionals are expensive, with the average salary of a field engineer in the US being over $60,000 (benefits excluded).

An online freelance marketplace such as FE saves considerable amounts of money on labor, without the job quality getting compromised. As of now, FE lists more than 15,000 talented field engineers from 137 countries, with the number growing rapidly and – constantly.

So, what is it that makes Field Engineer stand out from the competition? In words of Malik Zakaria, FE founder and CEO, “the B2C world has this on-demand work thing down – TaskRabbit, for example. But B2B is different, because it’s not just the “gig” but also the specific skills people bring. Especially in the telecom space, companies have very specific requirements, including service level requirements that dictate what success looks like according to their customer’s standards. So that’s why goes beyond being an app for the gig economy and focuses on addressing what we call the experience economy, and for the telecom space. We offer a new model for B2B work that brings together capable individuals with the companies that have work to do.”

Sounds like a tempting offer, but not enough time to browse jobs every day? No worries! Field Engineer is available for iOS and Android. Get the app through the App Store and Google Play. Never miss a job offer again – wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

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On top of getting you connected with the right person in the right place, FE will also simplify the freelance it jobs hiring process. You will never have to worry about your credentials and recommendations once submitted, and we will review each and every professional in detail. The employer only needs to take a peek at your profile and recognize you as the right person for the job.

The levels of trust we build at FE are hard to rival. Not only do we list some of the best paid jobs worldwide, but we also boast some of the most talented professionals globally. We pay instantly upon project completion – no delays or excuses! For, what you need to know before even considering a single job offer is that the funds are reserved for you in advance – you only need to finish that perfect job.

Businesses listed at FE get to track the progress via our real-time tracking feature. At every moment, you will know exactly how far your project has developed and when to expect the completion.

At Field Engineer we mean business – we don’t waste your time and efforts and we don’t stick to false claims. All professionals listed are verified, with all necessary paperwork available on demand. Find the right professional for you with ease and within minutes. With Field Engineer it does get that simple.

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