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Talented freelance telecom engineers might be closer than you think. As far as regular job hiring processes go, costs and time invested are often too much to handle. But, with the Field Engineer online platform, things might just be looking up – on a long-term scale!

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[solidLine] is an online marketplace that connects companies that need telecommunications work with the field engineers who have the skills and availability to complete them. We already have about 15,000 engineers signed up for the app, and they are located in 137 countries, so it’s global.

Malik Zakaria, founder and CEO of Field Engineer.


Field Engineer is the best choice for both businesses in need of talented professionals and field engineers looking for remote jobs. When we say “global”, we mean it to the letter. Over 15,000 engineers have signed up at FE so far, as stated above, and the platform was launched only in October 2016. Up until now, 4,500 jobs have been conducted via FE, to the satisfaction of over 45 different contractors and thousands of engineers worldwide. The main selling point of the FE platform is its cost-effectiveness; the fact that it reduces the average four-week applicant selection time frame to mere minutes is an additional bonus. We believe that time is money; therefore, we take care of all the paperwork that used to worry employers so much. From credentials to liability insurance to background checks, you will get the necessary feedback while investing minimum time and effort.

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A rich offer of freelance telecom jobs is just waiting for the right person to discover it. This holds true at Field Engineer, if not everywhere else, for our listings are global, updated regularly, and ever increasing in numbers. No matter where you are, at FE you will get connected to the business in need of your skills in a secure, reliable way.

We make freelance engineering easy. Field Engineer connects the dots, sends best matches to prospective candidates, and finds most talented professionals for all kinds of engineering jobs. We’ve got a huge area covered, too. As of today, businesses and professionals to have signed up at FE come from Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and APAC regions. Further expansion to be expected.

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Telecom Freelance Projects for Engineering Professionals Worldwide. Find Best Offers at Field Engineer.

To get best offers of telecom freelance projects, simply sign up at Field Engineer. The registration process is fast and explained step by step below.

Freelance Telecom Job Seekers: How to Get Started?

Sign up at Field Engineer and create your profile. Make sure to include your interest and credentials for optimum search results. From there, you can choose to either browse jobs or get job alerts. To ensure you will never miss out on a good job offer, FE has made its mobile application available for iOS and Android users. Get the app to never miss a thing.

Field Engineer Businesses: How to Find Suitable Professionals?

Sign up at Field Engineer, fund your account, and post job offers. FE accepts credit cards, PayPal payments, and bank transfers. Your funds will be verified, but not charged until the project has been completed. As soon as you fill out a work order, your job will get listed. Interested parties will place bids – evaluate them and select the right candidate. It’s as simple as that. FE boasts a real-time completion feature, which allows for accurate tracking of project progression.

Post as many jobs as you like, if you are an employer. Bid on as many projects as you like, if you are an engineer. FE is a lively online marketplace where all needs get met and exceeded – to overall satisfaction. To top it off, we provide reviews of each professional, which has been known to shorten the evaluation process dramatically. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a better engineer than you thought was possible – true talents do exist, and they thrive at FE.

Freelance Telecom Jobs Anytime, Anywhere: Join Field Engineer for Full Job Listing Access!

Get best freelance telecom jobs delivered straight to your inbox on a regular basis. Pick your favorites, place your bids, and allow us to do the rest. At FE, we make sure to always deliver. Upon completing the project, your payment will be processed immediately – no time wasted whatsoever! Guaranteed!

Moreover, you will get paid to log in regularly – no job offers required! You get to accept or decline projects as you see fit. Field Engineer does not impose any penalties. Ever! Finally, our ranking system is set in place as to help you stand out from the crowd – with a cherry on top.

What do we get from it? FE “takes a set service commission from every work order completed successfully, as well as a premium service commission from every work order completed successfully for customers who want to use our more comprehensive project management services”, says Zakaria.

Whether you are interested in short- or long-term projects, Field Engineer will provide you with most comprehensive job offers. On the go, wherever you are, to boot.

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