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Need to hire telecom engineers? You’ve come to the right place. Field Engineer is an online marketplace created for just such a purpose, with the aim of connecting the most talented engineers with businesses in need of their services.

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The B2C world has this on-demand work thing down – TaskRabbit, for example. But B2B is different, because it’s not just the “gig” but also the specific skills people bring. Especially in the telecom space, companies have very specific requirements, including service level requirements that dictate what success looks like according to their customer’s standards. So that’s why FieldEngineer.com goes beyond being an app for the gig economy and focuses on addressing what we call the experience economy, and for the telecom space. We offer a new model for B2B work that brings together capable individuals with the companies that have work to do. – Malik Zakaria, founder and CEO of Field Engineer.

Hire Telecom Field Engineers from Anywhere in the World: Field Engineer Makes the Task Seamless.

To hire telecom field engineers at FE, you only need to sign up and post a job. We have made certain to automate the process and shorten the selection process, by providing a comprehensive selection of all documentation necessary, as well as freelancer reviews for employers’ convenience.

The right talent with the exact set of skills you value does exist and you will be able to pinpoint them at FE with ease. The hire engineer process is up to you – at FE, freelancers post their bids whereas employers get to evaluate them and select their favorites.

FE provides credentials and liability insurance and does background checks, so that you need not waste any time when selecting the right candidate.

We are aiming to create a win-win situation – Field Engineer handles the back-office processes; businesses hire efficiently and engineers get paid faster.

In fact, optimizing time management and reducing the costs of employment and downtime inefficiencies are the main driving force behind the FE platform. We value your time and money and strive to provide a thrilling online marketplace where only the best of engineering professionals will meet and exceed job expectations. Both parties’ success is equally important to us: while businesses get the job done the way they want it, engineers get paid immediately and get good reviews. These guarantee a long and successful cooperation, especially keeping in mind that freelance economy grows exponentially with each passing year.

Telecommunication Engineering Jobs Made Easy: at Field Engineer Everyone Gets Their Expectations Exceeded.

Telecommunication engineering jobs are among the most sought out ones online, and FE has made certain to build a network of reliable, talented freelancers to sustain the demand for the new smart environments and multiple data streams. Businesses have been struggling for years with the cost-effectiveness of relocating skilled labor to locations short on staff, and that is exactly where FE steps in to save the day.

Now you can wake up to the sight of the best engineering talent at your doorstep, so to speak, wherever in the wide world you are. Hire telecom engineers from the comfort of your home or office, or on the go – get the FE app for iOS/Android for best performance.

FE, in particular, assist businesses delivering telecommunications services – CSPs, VARs, MSPs, and retail chains.

Hiring freelance engineering talents and finding best jobs is simple, with both sides benefiting from the deal. Currently, FE lists more than 15,000 engineers and has conducted ca. 4,500 jobs since its launching. The professionals looking for jobs at our platform come from all over the world, notably Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and APAC regions.

As for the benefits mentioned, these include instant payments upon job completion; you will even get paid to log in regularly even if you don’t receive any job offers. You are free to either accept or reject any job – no penalties whatsoever. FE has set in place a tracking system for on-site jobs, which will help you get there. After each successfully completed job, you will get a review – FE has a rating system that will boost your chances of getting even better offers in the future.

As for businesses looking for engineers, the benefits include a real-time completion feature, allowing for accurate progress tracking at any given time.

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To hire telecom engineers, you will need to create an account with Field Engineer and fund it. Accepted are PayPal and credit card payments, as well as bank transfers. Set in place at FE is a secure escrow system that will hold the funds for as long as the project is in progress.

The very hiring process is done in three simple steps: sign up – post a job – receive and evaluate bids. Field Engineer will do the rest – from providing you with all necessary paperwork and backup checks to releasing the payments upon successful project realization.

As for freelance engineers, finding jobs is equally easy: sign up – provide your credentials and select your preferences – get job offers – bid and negotiate the terms.

Field Engineer makes sure to meet expectations at any given time – we guarantee excellence and satisfaction on both sides, and we plan to keep expanding in the future. Be the part of online engineering history!

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