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How to Become an Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional


Gary McCauley


July 5, 2019

Professional certifications can help IT engineers and network engineers to prove their skills and discover more work opportunities. The Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) certification is one of the options available, focusing on the use of ClearPass products.

What is ACCP?

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) V6.5 certification validates skills relating to ClearPass products, showing that holders have the ability to design and integrate networks using these products. Some of the skills validated by the certification include configuring policy and guest management, posture, profiling, and on-boarding using ClearPass.

The certification requires candidates to demonstrate a command of ClearPass products, from understanding the licensing requirements to integrating external servers and setting up admin operations. It is a valuable qualification for network professionals who have a year or two of experience.

How can ACCP Certification Help IT Engineers?

ACCP is designed to help IT engineers who already have network experience. It can help professionals to prove their worth as a valuable member of a team who can deliver a range of ClearPass networking skills. You can demonstrate that you are able to design and implement authentication and policy enforcement with Aruba ClearPass Policy manager and design and implement ClearPass for Mobile First Networking.

If you want to advance your career with your current employer or find new opportunities for work, the ACCP certification can help you to discover a new path and gain more recognition.



The Benefits of ACCP Certification

ACCP certification offers a range of benefits to network professionals who want to validate their skills. The certification allows you to confirm that you know your way around ClearPass networking products and that you understand the networking fundamentals of ArubaOS switches and file structures. You can demonstrate that you can deploy Aruba wireless Access Points and that you can use the Aruba AirWave management solution.

You might already understand how to use Aruba products, but the certification provides an efficient and industry-accepted way to show that you have the required skills. Getting this certification gives you access to more work and responsibilities.

Skills Measured by ACCP Certification

ACCP certification measures a number of key skills. When you choose to take the exams, you validate skills such as:
Understanding ClearPass licensing requirements
Configuring ClearPass services, enforcement policies, and enforcement profiles
Integrating external servers with products from ClearPass
Using the Access Tracker, Logging and Policy simulation to monitor and troubleshoot
Configuring the Insight reporting tool, ClearPass Guest, MAC Caching, Posture, device profiling and onboarding
Using TACACS+ with ClearPass to set up admin operations
Designing and configuring multiple-server ClearPass deployments


Aruba ACCP Certification Exams - How to Prepare

To gain the ACCP certification, candidates must pass a single exam. It lasts 70 minutes and consists of just over 60 questions, making it easy to complete once you're registered. The exam is available through the Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise Learning Center.

To take the exam, you need to get an HPE Learner ID from The Learning Center, and then create a profile with Pearson VUE, the exam delivery vendor used by the brand. Training is recommended before taking the exam, which is proctored and administered at Pearson VUE testing centers.


Aruba ACCP Certification Prerequisites

While there is no required training or any required certifications to take the ACCP exam, there are recommendations. Candidates for this exam usually have one or two years of experience in deploying network solutions, so it's not suitable for newcomers to networking, but you don't have to have a great deal of experience, either. Anyone can take the exam to earn the certification, but it's essential to be prepared if you want to pass the test.

Before deciding to register for the exam, be sure to understand that skills that it validates. This will help you to understand if the exam is right for you and if you have enough experience and knowledge to pass it.


Aruba ACCP Certification Training

Training isn't essential, but the recommended training courses for the ACCP certification can prepare you for the exam. Recommended training includes the ClearPass Essentials course, which offers the option of a virtual instructor-led course lasting five days or a web-based course that lasts for four days. The training is highly recommended for anyone who wants to pass, even if you have networking experience and knowledge of ClearPass already.

The training is delivered online or at training centers if you prefer to have someone teach you in person. It can ensure you have all of the foundational knowledge necessary to pass the exam.


Aruba ACCP Certification Jobs

People with ACCP certification are likely to be network engineers and work in other similar roles. These might include wireless network engineer or senior network engineer, or perhaps network architect or solutions architect. You might take the skills that you have learned in your current role and in the training to prepare for the certification and add the certification to your resume when you look for new work.

As well as full-time positions, you can also consider freelance work. connects businesses and engineers to help you find work that fits your schedule. Many businesses are turning to contractors when they need help with networking, particularly for short-term projects and support. They're looking for network engineers with ACCP certification who can manage their ClearPass products and deliver the skills that they require.


Aruba ACCP Certification Salary

The average salary for network engineers can vary depending on a variety of things. The average salary across the US is $88,500 according to Indeed, but there is the potential to earn a lot more with many large employers such as Apple and Facebook. However, many engineers who want to increase the amount that they earn turn to freelancing instead.

Freelancing as a network engineer offers more control over your career. You can choose who you work for and how much you earn. makes it easy to find work and connects with businesses that need engineers with ACCP certification.

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