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How to Become a CompTIA Network+ Certification Expert


Kaushik Bhaumik


May 13, 2019

What is CompTIA Network+ Certification

When it comes to building your career, few things matter more than being able to show that you know what you need to know. Having the right certifications is proof that you need. For IT professionals, a CompTIA Network+ Certification might just be the one that they need.

CompTIA Network+ covers all kinds of skills related to IT infrastructure. This includes configuring, managing, and troubleshooting networks. Here, we’re going to look at everything you need to know about the CompTIA Network+ certification.

About the CompTIA Network+ Certification

Network+ is a general certification guaranteeing expertise in installing, managing, troubleshooting, and configuring networks. CompTIA Network+ certification is a gateway to earn your Network+ Certification.

As a mid-level certification for network technicians, it’s designed to test competency in a range of skills. It’s sponsored by CompTIA, or the Computing Technology Industry Association, one of the most widely trusted certification bodies in the industry.

It’s a certification widely recognized by Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, HP, and other major tech companies. All the companies mentioned include it in their career certification tracks. As such, getting your CompTIA Network+ certification is a wise step in building a career in IT networks and telecommunications.

Skills Ensured by CompTIA Network+ Certification

A certification is a proof that you have the skills employers are looking for. Some of the skills guaranteed by an up to date CompTIA Network+ Certification includes the following:

Network designing and implementation.
Managing, maintaining and configuring network devices and data centers.
Spotting the pros and cons of different network configurations.
General network troubleshooting.
Assisting with creating and implementing virtualized networks.
Using networking technologies to manage network traffic, such as routing and switching.
Consulting on network security, protocols, and standards.



About the exam

In order to earn your CompTIA Network+ Certification, you have to sit the Network+ certification exam. This exam costs $294 to sit and is designed to test the knowledge that the certification covers.

On average, the exam takes around 90 minutes and includes up to 90 questions. These questions are both multiple-choice (often including more than one correct answer) as well as performance-based. In order to pass, you need to manage a score of 720 out of 900 or higher.

There are no required prerequisites for Network+ certification. Anyone is free to purchase an exam voucher and sit for the exam. However, it is recommended that participants have an existing A+ certification, as well as 9 months of networking experience. Education equivalent to networking experience is just as readily recommended.

Careers that Benefit from CompTIA Network+ Certification

A Network+ certification is trusted by a wide variety of employers, including Apple, Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, Ricoh, Verizon, Cisco, and Novell. As such, many of them will expect employees to have it in their resume to consider hiring them for higher tier positions. Others include Network+ certification in their career-building tracks.

The certification is widely carried by IT and network specialists in a variety of roles. This includes entry level jobs such as junior network administrators, computer technicians, help desk technicians, and junior system engineers. However, it also includes more niche roles like a network field technician, network analyst and IS consultant.

Freelance network engineers
can use this to create a more competitive presence on the market. Sites like allow you to upload your resume and match relevant jobs to the skills and certifications you bring. As such, a Network+ certification can help you find more work from more demanding clients compared to other freelancers.

The Steps to Earning a CompTIA Network+ Certification

  • CompTIA offers a CertMaster range of eLearning products that can help those of all skill levels review what they need to know in preparation for the exam.
  • eBooks offer trusted content and study guides to ensure that readers have the
    knowledge needed to pass their exam.
  • Instructor-led training services help prepare for the exam in a classroom-like
    environment. These classes are built with the certification program in mind, focusing particularly on what’s needed for the exam.
  • As the provider of this certification, CompTIA is the organization that offers examination vouchers that allow you to sit the exam. They can be found on the CompTIA
    Marketplace, after which you schedule your exam at your closest testing location.
  • There are also a lot of undergrads and graduate degree programs and self-paced online courses that can match and prepare you for the Network+ exam. BS degrees in Network Administration, Network & Telecommunication, and MSTIMs in Information Systems are all recommended.

The Benefits of Having a CompTIA Network+ Certification

As mentioned, certification is essentially the proof that you need to show that you know what you say you know. When it comes to proving your skills on a resume, few qualifications are as trusted. As a highly regarded independent certifier, CompTIA is recognized and trusted by most tech, IT, network, and telecommunications employers.

CompTIA certifications have a measurable impact on the salary that you can expect to earn in the industry, as well. According to, certified professionals with a lower-level CompTIA A+ certification earn an average salary of $59,000 a year. By comparison, those with a CompTIA Network+ certification make an average salary of $63,000 a year.

Compared to the costs of sitting the exam, which costs only $294, a single year of working earns you $4000 more on average. That’s enough to pay the costs of the exam in one year alone. However, that salary bump is likely to keep growing, so the investment can pay off even more.

Want to See the Difference a CompTIA Network+ Certification can Make?

Hopefully, the guide above shows you the significant impact that the right certification can have on your career. For mid-level, IT and networking professionals, a CompTIA Network+ certification might just the boost that you need.

Freelance Engineering job search sites like make it much easier to find the roles that suit your qualifications. If you have the right certifications, don’t neglect to upload an updated resume and see the better work opportunities that can come your way as a result.

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