Certified Novell Administrator

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Certified Novell Administrator

The Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) are the professionals who provide routine supervision of installed Novell Networking products especially Novell Open Enterprise Server for Novell Directory and Netware products.

The Certified Novell Administrator provide the organization with direct support for software users in various work environments. The CNA professionals are also known as the Netware administrator. They are engaged with a range of responsibilities like installation, maintenance, and support the NetWare system of Novell products.  

CNA Certification

The Certified Novell Administrator is a type of credential meant for the network administrator who works with Novell’s NetWare, software, and services. The CNA administrator provides the software support in a small business and corporate information services.

Job Description

Responsibilities of a Certified Novell Administrator varies from one organization to other. A CNA certified professional should be able to complete every essential duty satisfactorily. They look after the network performance of an organization.

The certified professional is involved in supporting and maintaining the Novell infrastructure along with the related software. They design and integrates the Novell environment with regard to servers and related network.

They provide complete life-cycle support for all servers in the given site including design, installation, maintenance, and support. Usually, Certified professionals oversee the implementation of standard operating procedures for the Novell infrastructure.

CNA monitor the Novell environment and corrects any issues on demand. They should be able to improve and enhance the Novell based infrastructure of an organization. Apart from other networking responsibilities they provide technical insight about the network area systems and technology to users.

The Certified Administrator is usually engaged to install, align, and assist the company’s local area network, wide area network, and internet structures or a section of a network arrangement. The administrators screen the network to make sure the network availability is up to date for all computer users and if required may perform necessary maintenance to support network availability.

They should monitor and asses the website quality to ensure websites work appropriately and without disturbance. Administrator support in network modeling, their analysis, planning, and coordination among network and data exchange with the help of hardware and software.

They supervise computer user support specialists and system network along with experts. They usually oversee network security procedures.

How to become a certified Novell Administrator

In order to become a CNA, some of the employers require a post-secondary certificate. However, most of the organization prefer a bachelor degree in the field of computer science, information technology and related areas along with relevant experience.


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