Why Freelance Data Center Engineers Are Suitable for Sustained Growth of Data Centers


Mustafa Ali


August 16, 2018

Today’s data center ecosystem is at the heart of any organization or business process. In fact, business is now directly impacted by the capabilities of your data center infrastructure. The question that arises now is how well growing businesses are gearing up for the digital revolution? How are things going to unfold as we businesses move closer to the technology-run world? How do you manage your data center operations?

Data centers are continually growing and changing their infrastructure to keep pace with the competition and demand, as well as advancement in technology. In fact, recently internet giants Google and Facebook have announced that they plan to build data centers with a total investment of over $700 million. This move pinpoints at the growing popularity of the data centers among enterprises.

According to a survey conducted by Campos Research & Analysis, there will be a 7.7 percentage increase in data center investments. Last year, it was about 7.2 percent, and this year more companies have responded that they are moving towards expanding their data center footprint.

The recent stats show that the growing data center infrastructure is creating a surge in need for technology specialists on short notice, usually for a specific window of time. It is becoming a challenging task to find qualified and skilled workers locally for many Data Management business. It is especially prevalent in the technical fields such as marketing and engineering.

The best way for Data Center to improve their businesses is to focus on completing as many projects as possible while keeping the cost under control.

On-demand data center engineers, therefore, make a lot of sense, even to the more prominent businesses. Also, the freelance solutions are often cheaper, faster and more convenient compared to the conventional full-time labor.

In the United States, nearly 50 percent of data management organizations are using freelance marketplaces for hiring talented data center technicians.

Why use freelance marketplaces for hiring data center technicians and engineers?

Access to a diverse range of talent

Free marketplaces are home to freelance skilled and talented professionals. Data companies can find freelance technicians to cater to the needs of cloud migration, data coding, data analysis and many others in a free marketplace. The freelance marketplace is the best platform for small and medium-sized business to hire the right talent and reduce the labor expense. It will in one way help the organization to focus and invest more in growth and expansion.

Pay for only what you need

Not always, businesses will be able to afford for a full-time technician, due to budget constraints. You may not even need to engage them part-time. You may only need help on an as-need basis, for varying hours during the week, or just in individual seasons. It is during these situations a freelance datacenter technician can come to the rescue. Hiring a professional to get work done as per the organization’s convenience will keep things under control.

Deadlines are important

At a free marketplace, deadlines are of utmost importance. Ultimately, a professional who sticks to his deadlines will be the one who gets to be hired. Data Management organizations can profit by this to guarantee their projects are completed way before the official due dates. Data Management businesses need someone who can finish work within the official deadlines to make things easier for both the parties.

Can view past records of contract workers

While hiring a freelance data center technician, organizations do face some issues. Having an experienced hand becomes essential and for this, it is mandatory for a background check. In a free marketplace, businesses get to choose the professional after a thorough understanding of his/her education and experience. If the organizations need something else, they can always reach out to the freelance professional.

Less strain on management

Opting for a freelance technician makes this easier for businesses. The organizations will invest less of their time in supervising, training and guiding. When it comes to freelancers, they are clear about their roles and duties. It is essential for them to prove their mettle because that is what will help them fetch their next assignment. Especially for small businesses and start-ups freelance marketplaces are their best bet for finding true short and long-term labor without breaking the bank.

How fieldengineer.com can help

For any small or big Data Center businesses, marketplaces are an excellent source of technical support and may be the key to long-term growth and expansion.

FieldEngineer.com is a revolutionized approach to meet the ever-changing workforce requirements of data centers. FieldEngineer.com’s “on-demand technicians” concept enables affordable and readily available on-demand technicians for the data center with short turnaround time. It is a platform that helps companies to post their requirement for hourly, fixed, recurring and special projects. Engineers can work on-demand, which makes it cost-effective for both organizations.

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