Network Architect

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The Network Architect?

Network Architect is a professional who takes care of communication networks, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. They play a crucial role in creating, maintaining and modifying an IP network’s hardware, software and virtualized components. These professionals should have in-depth knowledge about the network’s technological requirements.

They work on networks in small range as well as a on a larger scale of communication system. Keeping in mind the security issues of the organization, they should always prepared to implement security countermeasures, when network vulnerabilities arise.

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Network Architect Job Description

Computer network architect should have a good understanding of both technical and business skills.  They should lead the design process, manage existing networks and monitor the traffic. The professionals also work in coordination with the software and hardware teams to get the necessary network equipment in place. These are some of the responsibilities:

Network design

The first and foremost duty is to design networks by taking into consideration various factors like, bandwidth requirements, infrastructure requirements and security. They must plan and design in advance and should often participate in the implementation of network designs.

Network modeling

They must cater to the needs of network modelling. They usually estimate the growth of the network and also play a crucial role in upgrading the network equipment from time to time.

Network security

This is one of the most important areas one should focus on. They must take into consideration all the factors that might affect the network security, The professional should make sure that the security equipment must be installed at the precise network location.

Network architect skills

Anybody with good communication skills and should be well-versed with problem-solving techniques are a perfect fit for this job. Extensive knowledge in computer operations, security and wireless systems will be an add-on. Apart from these regular skills, they should be able to do perform the following tasks:

  • Must keep track of company network needs
  • Should quickly solve the network issues
  • Focus on new network systems
  • Must invest time to design network data systems

Educational Background

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields. This will give the candidate an in-depth understanding of network security and database design. Having a Masters of Business Administration Degree can come to great advantage, as some companies are looking out for professionals with educational qualification beyond a regular degree. Apart from these, there are also certification courses such as CCENT, CompTia A+ certification and VMware Certified Professional that can help you land a computer network architect job.

Network architect salary

As per the recent statistics by BLS, a network architect is paid about $101,210, a median annual salary. The pay scale of the employees at the top end is $158,590. With about $125,340 highest annual mean wage network architects who are working at California are the highest paid in the country followed by Oregon ($121,250) and New Jersey ($120,150) in the second and third place.

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