VMware Certified Professional

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VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

A VMware Certified Professional (VCP) sets up, organizes, manages and supports data center virtualization using VMware's vSphere environment. This professional must have hands-on working experience with vSphere implementation. They should be conversant with VMware vSphere and related technologies.

The technician must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of network virtualization. This professional manages and configures various technologies to maximize the virtual infrastructure. They will address issues related to the Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating systems. These certified technicians possess expertise in VMware core components and their relation to storage and networking.

Job Description

A VMware Certified Professional is intended to help customers design, develop and deploy both traditional computing infrastructures and virtual infrastructures. These technicians should understand and resolve issues related to virtualization. They will take care of installing, configuring, and monitoring of VMware vSphere and related technologies.

This technician will also manage and have a proper understanding of the functionality in VMware. They will be responsible for the executive setup and will arrange and monitor ESXi networking and storage as well as other vCenter Server components.

They also manage user access to the enterprise VMware infrastructure. They will play an active role in deploying, migrating and managing client virtual desktops, VM Clones, Templates, and vApps.

The VMware Certified Professional job is to monitor the resource usage and increases scalability with the help of vCenter Server. They can also use the VMware vCenter Update Manager to apply ESX/ESXi patches and to oversee higher availability and data protection.

Technicians will utilize vSphere Architecture and Solutions. The VMware Certified Professional will organize the vNetwork Standard and Distributed Switches. They will recognize and arrange VLAN settings, vSS, and vDS Policies.

Apart from these duties, this certified professional plans and deploys Shared Storage and the Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA) for vSphere. They migrate VMs, and backup or restore Virtual Machines using VMware Data Recovery. The technician performs basic troubleshooting for the vSphere Network, Storage and ESXi Hosts. They will monitor a vSphere implementation and administer vCenter Server Alarms.

It is the responsibility of the VMware Certified Professional to take care of client and user implementation, configuration, testing, and training. They will troubleshoot or resolve any issues related to technical components. These professionals must take care of the user documentation and training exercises for both operational and technical users.

The professional will be updated with the VMware product line. They will help document best practices in developing and deploying VMware solutions. This certified expert must rectify and resolve issues that occur during implementation. They will have to build in and execute contingency plans as and when it is necessary.



The desired candidate possesses a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, or any other related field. Employers often consider hiring individuals who have prior work experience. They often seek candidates with a Bachelor's degree or a relevant specialization as these applicants often possess a thorough understanding of the technologies.


VMware has become an undisputed market-leader incorporate virtualization solutions. This position presents a step towards a lucrative career. Many technical schools offer virtualization courses and other specialized degree programs along with the VCP certification exam. These certifications provide a deeper understanding of various subjects. In the current employment climate, candidates with certifications possess an added advantage. Below are some of the certifications that employers look for:

VMware Certified Professional Certification

This VCP exam gives the candidate a proper understanding of VMware vSphere and related technologies. The VMware offers the candidate an opportunity to demonstrate the skills necessary to install, configure, to manage VMware vSphere environments and to have hands-on experience with VMware infrastructure technologies.

The other VCP related certifications are as follows:

  • CompTIA Network+ Certificate
  • CompTIA Security+ Certificate
  • CompTIA Server+ Certificate
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)


According to Indeed.com, on average, the VMware Certified Professional salary ranges from approximately $74,650 per year for Systems Administrator to $103,739 per year for Senior System Engineer. As per Payscale.com, the VMware Certified Professional salary remains around $87K annually in the United States. The Glassdoor.com salary estimate states that the national average wage of VMware Certified professional salary is $41,571 per year in the United States.

Career Opportunities for VMware Certified Professional

Recently, VMware technologies have opened many opportunities. With most top companies opting for this technology, having a VMware professional has become a must-have for many IT organizations. Certified candidates remain in high demand and will continue to be. Increasingly, virtualization has become one of the largest fillers of the employment gap present across the IT industry.

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