Data Communication Engineer

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Data Communication Engineer

Are you a skilled, problem solving and calm data communications engineer looking for an excellent freelancing opportunity? At Field Engineer our solutions will help you to get the attention you need in order to further your career and gain the freelance data communication engineer jobs you’re looking for.

What Does a Data Communications Engineer do?

As a Data Communications Engineer, you will carry out designing work for data communication products, like LAN switches, routers, network security systems and so on. You will be implementing an acceptance test for both products and technical solutions, as well as facilitating projects and monitoring the work of service partners and subcontractors.

Typically, you will be providing Level 1 and Level 2 technical support to your organizations or clients solo or with a technical support team. You’ll also be training end users, service partners and subcontractors, which is a great opportunity for your own progression in the field.

You’ll also try your hand at pre-sales support for testing and bidding too. You have to be hot on the heels of all the latest developments in your field and be open to acquiring more skills to help support your organizations.

You will have the chance to travel to different locations in order to carry out your work as well, so be prepared to be flexible. As long as you have excellent verbal and written communication skills and you’re great at forging strong professional relationships with team members, clients, and management you will be destined for a career as a data communications engineer.

Job Description and Responsibilities of a Data Communications Engineer

The data communications engineer job description isn’t as complex as you might think. You will be providing daily support to your organization’s wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs). One of your day to day responsibilities will revolve around implementing various defect free network solutions so that optimum operability is ensured. As well as partaking in disaster recovery testing you will also be maintained in-depth documentation of the primary and redundant network infrastructure.

Interacting with the IT department will also be a regular occurrence as you support a whole host of projects that affect each of the departments. On a daily basis you will be responsible for the design, project plans, timelines, requirements and objectives of recommended solutions, so you have complete control over all of the projects. When it comes to data communication engineer responsibilities, being available for on-call tasks and other after-hours activities is really important, for those projects that need to be implemented there and then.

It is extremely important to have vast knowledge in and be able to execute IP address subnetting and TCP/IP skills as you will be managing traffic in and out of routers to ensure maximum utilization. All of our fantastic freelance data communications engineers will also be expected to manage, maintain, update and support the organization’s Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) LAN and WAN; identifying and repairing location network connectivity issues will be one of your main duties on the job.

If you can take the initiative in the development and planning of various projects as well as recognizing solutions to meet the needs of the clients, you would be the ideal candidate for this role. You will have the freedom to manage projects from identification of requirements to deployment, as well as monitoring ongoing system performance and modifying network specifications based on any detected problems.  

What Qualifications are Required?

An associate degree in computer science, information technology or another related discipline is preferred for this role, as well as certification in CompTIA’s Network + or CCNA or MCSE. You will need to be proficient with MS Office and equivalent applications as well as being able to use bandwidth monitoring tools confidently. Being proficient with switches, routers and wireless access points is also a must. You should also have the ability to perform MPLS and VPN implementations and DNS, IP addressing schemes.

We’re looking for skilled engineers who have at least two years of experience in a similar role, and all potential candidates must go through a background investigation into your education, past employment, and criminal history.

Skills and Job Prospects

Skills and Job Prospects

When it comes to data communication engineer skills, you need to be an excellent problem solver with thriving communication skills. Job opportunities for computer network architects are set to rise over the next six or seven years so demand will continue to increase. Keeping on top of your skill sets for upcoming opportunities and freelance jobs is incredibly important, and FE will be able to get you the first-hand experience you’re seeking.

What is the Expected Salary?

The data communication engineer salary will increase with experience. The average salary lasts in between $117,603 - $172,39 as per Zippia, but as a freelancer, you can expect to earn up to $38/hour. This is much higher than the annual wage for full-time employees in this field.

So sign up now or contact us for more information about data communication engineer freelance jobs. You could join and be part of more than 40,000+ engineers and start building up the experience you need to become a successful freelance data communications engineer. Our Global Marketplace for Field Engineers will help you to reach out to employees who are looking for candidates just like you so that you can catapult your career right now.

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