Wireless Network Engineer

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The Wireless Network Engineer?

Wireless Network Engineer is responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining wireless network equipment, network management and security including 802.11 b/g/n/ac standards and industry best practices for implementing high-density WIFI solutions.

Also, to put it concisely, this person needs to assess, plan and develop for several operations capabilities for wireless telecommunications.

As more companies continue to embrace Wireless LAN, the demand for wireless network engineers has grown manifold in the recent past. The proliferation of mobile applications, which require testing in a wireless environment, is also one of the other reasons why enterprises need their services more, currently.

But with the emergence of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) DevOps, the advent of 5G, and virtualization, it is necessary for Wireless Network Engineer to be open to reskill themselves, as it could likely bring about changes that might change the way they operate.

It is, however, averred by experts that despite all the changes that may take place in the networking landscape, the demand for Wireless Network Engineers will continue to rise.

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Wireless Network Engineer’s job description

To become Wireless Network Engineer, aspirants need to be well-versed about network technology and be highly analytical.

They should also have excellent communication skills as they would need to work alongside vendors, network technicians, and customers.

Also, their responsibilities and duties include the following.

  • Hands on experience with troubleshooting and site survey tools like Wireshark, Air Magnet, and Chanalyzer to improve wireless networks from the beginning to implementation by collaborating with vendors, managers, and network engineers.
  • Understand client requirements to be able to cater to their appropriate needs.
  • Monitor efficient installation of wireless products at the customer’s site.
  • Handhold other engineers to train them on wireless technologies in-house.
  • Use tools to evaluate to test and tweak wireless products
  • Design and validate performance, quality, and reliability of RF link.
  • Design and implement wireless LANs and the other wireless networks.
  • Write manuals and document on current network procedures.
  • Optimize network performance by supervising, addressing network problems and breakdowns, and partnering with network engineers to optimize the network.
  • Develop and implement policies, classify and oversee access to protect network systems.
  • Make sure that all equipment, including servers and the other network products, are well-connected.
  • Proactively handle all network security solutions.
  • Make use of testing and diagnostic tools to assess and modify equipment.

Educational qualifications and certifications

  • Most employers would look for Wireless Network Engineers who have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in mathematics, engineering or computer science.
  • Since it is a responsible position, the experience of at least five years in WAN/LAN engineering is mandatory.
  • There proficiency in wireless technologies including WiFi and WiMAX.
  • Should have certification in CCNP (wireless) or CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional).
  • Have a thorough knowledge of 802.11n, 802.11a and WLAN site surveys.

Wireless Network Engineer salary

According to indeed.com, the average earnings of Wireless Network Engineers (CWNP certified) range from about $88,282 per year to $106,700 per year for a person in a senior position. Their yearly earnings range from $50,803 per year to $134,664 per year, says payscale.com.

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