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Aruba Certified Mobility Associate

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Aruba Certified Mobility Associate

Introduction to Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate is a professional who is responsible for designing, setup and configure a basic Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) with the help of latest operating system architecture and features.  The Freelance ACMA professional will essential knowledge and skills to create, implement and manage the latest Aruba Mobile First Platform solutions.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate has an in-depth understanding of the Aruba Mobile First Platform based on the Aruba Mobility Master and Controller architecture. The professional will acquire knowledge on configuring secure WLAN features and integrated firewalls. They should be able to explain and set up the controller and AP communications. The expert will have an understanding of Dynamic RF management features.

The Certified professional must provide secure and guest networking solutions. The critical areas of focus are configuration wizards, provisioning access points, authentication, encryption, firewall operation and policies, role-based access control, the AP boot process, and remote access point configuration. The ACMA certified professional has the technical understanding and hands-on experience of installing a single Mobility Master with one controller and AP Aruba WLAN.

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) will know how to make use of Aruba hardware and ArubaOS to set up and develop a secure controller network with multiple SSIDs. The professional will have a good understanding of Aruba’s wireless networking solutions. The professionals will focus on the fundamentals of WLAN technologies, RF concepts and 802.11 Standards. The candidates will have the ability to control access to the Employee and Guest WLAN. They can control secure access to the WLAN using Aruba Firewall Policies and Roles.

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate identifies and explains Radio Frequency bands and channels. They can successfully implement and perform analysis of WLAN systems. The ACMA expert will have a good understanding of radio frequency coverage and interference. The professional needs to recognize and differentiate antenna technology options to make sure of the optimal coverage in various deployment scenarios. They should know how the signal strength is measured and why it is important in designing wireless networks.

The certified experts will configure and optimize Aruba ARM and Client Match features. They will perform network monitoring functions and troubleshooting. The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate should have in-depth knowledge about networking and topology design, GUI and CLI interpretation, GUI and CLI troubleshooting and interpretation of CLI configuration file segments. The professionals will understand the operating system features, architecture, License types, and distribution. They should be well-versed with Aruba’s identity-based firewall.

Educational Qualification & Additional Skills

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate should have a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications, electronics & Electricals, computer science, information technology or any other related field. The professionals looking for quick placement must have a master’s degree or a certain specialization in Aruba technology. Candidates with prior and relevant work experience have bright chances to get hired by organizations.

Useful Certification

Aruba Certified Mobility Associate

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate certification provides the candidates with the necessary networking skills and knowledge to take care of the basic Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). The certification teaches them how to install and manage the latest Aruba Mobile First Platform solutions.


According to Indeed, on an average Aruba Certified Mobility Associate salary ranges from approximately $35,409 per year for Assembly Technician to $114,333 per year for Resident Engineer.

Advantages of freelancing in this career

Freelance Aruba Certified Mobility Associate will have the advantage to decide about the jobs by taking into consideration factors such as business model, mode of payment, and type of work. Freelance professionals will get multi-faceted exposure as they get to deal with different situations.

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