Trending In-Demand Skills for Telecom Industry


Syed Ali


July 26, 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and growing in new and exciting directions. The tech we are using today will not be what’s in our hands in five years. It’s worth exploring how new tech trends are impacting the telecom industry and will shape the future. 

The Changing Tech in 2019

Technology is growing fast in 2019. One of the key examples would be cyber technology. Today, there will be a hack on business nearly every 20 seconds. 

Companies need to be prepared for this fresh level of risk. They have to provide the support and protection of their customer's demand. Tech is crucial to this process. 

That’s why some of the most valued roles today are in IT security-related operations. This is just one way of how new tech is shaping the market. But it’s not the only one. 

Companies are also becoming more embracive of cloud technology. This has allowed businesses to become more flexible and operate remotely. However, this is only possible with systems that are effective and reliable. 

So, IT support specialists are also in high demand. 

In terms of trends in the market today, there are a few to be aware of. These include artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning. As you can see, it’s advanced technology that is shaping the future of the industries. 

It’s these roles that are going to be in demand in the telecom industry in the future as well. So, what skills are going to be needed by telecom workers in the future?

Hard and Soft Skills of Tomorrow

To understand the future skills, you need to know about hard and soft skills and the differences. Hard skills relate to specific tasks while soft skills relate to how these tasks are completed. 

Hard skills include particular specific knowledge and abilities. In contrast, soft skills are based on thinking and behavior. In demand, the hard skills of today include UX design, artificial intelligence, people management, scientific computing, cyber security and social media marketing. 

Soft skills are more abstract such as creativity, persuasion, adaptability and collaborating. Creativity is one of the most crucial soft skills of today. This is certainly tied to the concept of innovation.

It’s important that companies have the team members needed to drive their business forward. This does mean they need to gain access to the top talent

It’s far easier for a business to find workers with hard skills. If you are searching for an employee with data science or software testing you simply search for workers with related qualifications and experience. 

Finding on-demand talent with the right soft skills is far more difficult. It requires discovering the best global workforce and ensuring that you have them on-team. 

Trending In-Demand Skills in Telecom

2019 In-Demand Telecom Jobs 

There are many telecom jobs in demand in 2019. We have already mentioned one with network security engineers becoming a critical hire for every business. Another would be an IoT Solutions Architect. 

Though difficult to hire as a full-time worker, this crucial position will ensure a business can access an individual with critical IoT disciplines. This includes cloud analytics, data compliance and scaling as well as technology. 

A machine learning engineer is another essential hire for modern business. With machine learning, businesses can unlock the power of data. This engineer ensures the process is completed the right way and provides the maximum potential to the business. 

A cloud architect is a further crucial part to play in our tech orientated world. Most businesses these days either are or want to be on the cloud. This digital architect ensures that the systems are set up the right way. 

They will ensure that businesses do achieve the highest levels of connectivity. They can work remotely while providing solutions to a range of clients and customers. Experts in the field, they can also handle security issues and ensure a company is protected. 

How to Find Telecom Talent with the Right Skills

If you are searching for the right talent on-demand with the desired trending skills, Field  Engineer could be the answer. At FE, you can access a massive platform with workers around the world. 

These are individuals with the skills in demand right now. You’ll discover experts in everything from engineering to highly advanced technical systems including AI software.

By signing in Field Engineer today, it’s easy to hire these workers on-demand and get the trending talent on the side of your business. By ensuring you get the best workers in your company, you can improve your business reputation and guarantee you impress clients at the same time. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the crucial in-demand skills for roles relating to telecom technology today.


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