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Field Engineer

Rapid Us Telecom’s Growth Drives Demand for Engineers


Mustafa Ali


August 11, 2017

The booming global telecoms market has immediate demand for engineering talent. Each major market will offer a wealth of specific opportunities for telecommunication engineering jobs, and we consider some of the biggest ones.

5G speeds traffic up

The global telecoms and media market will generate $1.58 trillion in revenues in 2021 from 11.96 billion connections, according to statistics from research firm Ovum.

The US will be the world’s largest telecoms & media market by revenues throughout the forecast period, with revenues of $402 billion in 2021 generated from 805 million connections. US revenues will be 25% of the global total in 2021, compared to US connections, which will be 7% of the global total.

According to the research firm ABI Research, 5G network deployment is expected to take off in the US after 2020. US telecom operators will spend around $104 billion during 2015-25 to upgrade their existing 4G networks to 5G standards and then to implement full installation of 5G wireless services. Consequently, the market for telecommunication engineering jobs will skyrocket, as operators will have tremendous need for specialized engineering talent to make the change.

IoT connects up

According to a recent report by research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), spending on IoT in the U.S. alone is projected to grow at a 16.1% CAGR between 2015 and 2019 to reach nearly $357 billion.

Demand for engineers with expertise in networking will thus climb sharply, as next-generation superfast wireless networks (4G LTE, LTE-A, upcoming 5G) will provide the primary impetus to the telecom industry.

Smartphones move up

Smartphones sales are moving up in age group in the US. Sales are still booming, with penetration up 10 percent year over year, and the highest growth percentages coming in the 45-54 and 55+ age demographics–groups that have previously lagged behind younger consumers. has the talent for telecoms jobs

The demand for engineers to implement all these new technologies will be sharp. At, wherever you are in the world, we have telecoms engineering talent for your projects.

We’ve fulfilled more than 2000 orders for nearly 50 businesses, and we have a presence in about 170 countries. Our candidates are registered, qualified and vetted by our dedicated team so that your company can rely on their skillset and experience.

We offer you 30% savings over full-time hires, which include expensive benefits and vacation time.

Take advantage of the growing gig economy, and fill your telecoms engineering jobs at


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