Cloud Services Architect

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Cloud Services Architect

Do you want to turn your expertise as a Cloud Services Architect into a rewarding career? If you’ve got the skills, Field Engineer can connect you to businesses and clients that are looking for technicians just like you.

What is The Cloud Services Architect Job Description?

The Cloud Service Architect job definition is quite simple. You will be an IT expert who deploys and oversees a client’s cloud computing strategy. This comprises cloud adoption strategies, cloud application proposal, cloud management, and monitoring while you’ll take care of the application architecture in cloud environments.

Cloud computing is an integral part of modern business modules usually consist of a front end platform, back end platforms, a cloud-based delivery, and a secured network. These are the components that you will encounter and handle as a Cloud Service Architect.

Given that over 4 in 5 enterprises now use a multi-cloud plan and 38% view the public cloud as their priority, as per RightScale, the demand for dedicated Cloud Services Architects is greater than ever. If you can provide the skills, Field Engineer can provide the clients needed to pay the bills.

What are The Responsibilities of A Cloud Service Architect?

While specific requirements change from one client to the next, there are various responsibilities that you will need to understand in your role as a Cloud Service Architect. You will be responsible for setting up the modules needed for the successful utilization of a cloud computing network and are expected to perform the following principal duties:

  • Developing and coordinating cloud architecture
  • Leading cultural change for cloud adoption
  • To develop a cloud plan and coordinating the adaptation process

Cloud computing network, as different to a traditional computer network, includes storing and managing data across some remotely placed servers, instead of the local server. You will create these cloud networks by connecting remotely located servers and develops an operational cloud-based delivery system to their clients. This may include setting up new cloud computing systems, upgrading outdated facilities, and identifying any potential issues before finding the best fixes.

What Education is Required for Cloud Service Architect Jobs?

What Education is Required for Cloud Service Architect Jobs?

To be successful in this field, a degree in Computer Science, IT, Computer Networking or a related field will be essential. However, gaining further certifications in Cloud Service Architect arenas can be the key to standing out from the crowd to land the biggest and best clients.

Several certifications and specialized development programs can be taken with improved job prospects in mind. The list includes:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a used Cloud service in the industry. This certification validates your skills when it comes to supervising AWS applications and set-up.
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect- Google’s cloud architect qualifications identifies your ability to design, plan, manage and to provide cloud solution architecture. It also covers security and compliance.
  • IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect: IBM’s certification proves your ability to plan, principles of an IBM cloud computing infrastructure for your business.

In addition to those qualifications and certifications, it pays to have a varied range of clients under your belt. This is just one of many reasons to choose FE as your freelance gig finding platform.

What Skills do you Require?

In order to be a successful Cloud Service Architect, you should have a specialized set of skills relating to the realm of cloud computing and networking. Practical knowledge of the application deployment process and functional network troubleshooting is vital.

You should have a good knowledge of at least one operating system: Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows. The preference is any LINUX operating system, but any Cloud Service Architect that wishes to stand out may wish to learn the others. As a Cloud Architect, you will have to decide on whether you will be launching a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or a 32-Bit Red Hat.

Security in cloud computing is also essential. So, a high-level understanding of fundamental security concepts is necessary for a Cloud Architect.

What Salary Can you Expect?

Cloud computing is big business, and a healthy network is central to the success of a modern company. As such, you can expect an attractive salary while providing services as a Cloud Services Architect. The average salary according to ZipRecruiter is around $137,546 per year and more depending on experiences in the United States – this equates to a freelance wage of around $66 per hour.

Freelancing is one of the great options to manage your career while gaining greater exposure and dealing with a greater deal of clients. Field Engineer plugs the gap between you and businesses with a unique platform by providing exciting positions around the globe for over 40,000 technicians in over 180 countries. You can be one of them!

Sign-up now and take the benefits from Field Engineer to shape your career. You will be directed to different businesses that require your services, ensuring that the next stage of your career as a Cloud Services Architect turns your dreams into a reality.

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