Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - Azure

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Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - Azure

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer – Azure is a career that involves planning, building, implementing and deploying innovative and high-quality technology solutions to a range of clients based on Microsoft Azure. MCSD – Azure engineers frequently work as technical architects, designing and developing Azure technology solutions to meet specific client needs.

Microsoft Azure is a development platform used to build and manage services and applications and is used to provide solutions to businesses in a wide variety of industries. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers play a key role in designing, prototyping, and delivering those services.

Job Description

Because Microsoft Azure is used widely to create all kinds of Cloud-based applications and solutions, work as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer – Azure can differ greatly from role to role. However, it primarily involves the complete delivery of those solutions from start to finish, from design to creation to deployment. You may also be involved in customer-facing roles, helping to assess and recommend Azure solutions for clients.

Microsoft Azure specialists make it much easier for businesses, especially enterprise-level organizations, to gain access to more convenient, cost-effective solutions that can be used at anywhere, on any device, at any time. This is a fast-growing, competitive field that relies on innovation and a keen understanding of client needs.

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer – Azure has the following responsibilities

  • Developing business cases for the implementation of Azure solutions
  • Creating solution implementation plans and estimations
  • Designing and deploying Azure-based solutions
  • Supporting other members of the solution’s delivery and management team
Job Description

Educational Requirements and Career Outlook

A degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or other related relevant fields is expected for a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer – Azure.

Certification as an Azure Solutions Developer can lead into a wide variety of different career paths and roles. From Azure development, you can expand into broader software development or change lanes into other specializations like working as a .NET Software Programmer. Other Azure experts may transition into a career as a service provider, leading teams of other Azure experts to sell Cloud-based solutions and applications to a wider range of clients.


Besides the MCSD – Azure certification, it can be wise to add other certifications to your repertoire, as well. The following can help you expand the scope or your work opportunities and make you a more competitive developer:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)


According to PayScale, a career as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, when full-time, pays an average salary of $99,000. Azure architects can work not only in developing and maintaining Cloud-based solutions as an in-house member of the team but can also freelance to deliver their own or work with other service providers to get access to a much larger range of opportunities.

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