Network Deployment

Network Deployment

Understanding the Costs of WLAN Deployment


Gary McCauley


August 8, 2019

WLAN deployment is essential for all businesses. Without WLAN, you won't be able to have a functional wifi network in your office or workplace. So, setting this up is crucial! 

There is one main issue; it costs a lot of money to set up and deploy WLAN in your workplace. Mainly, this is because there are plenty of costs that you'll incur during the setup and installation process. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with these costs, and we'll reveal all in this guide. 

What are the Costs Incurred While Deploying WLAN?

When you need to set WLAN up, you have to consider the following costs: 

  • Initial Setup Costs - this includes paying for a WLAN site survey, paying for access points, and paying for the whole thing to be installed. 
  • Regular Maintenance - WLAN deployment goes beyond the initial setup stage as it requires regular maintenance. Needless to say, this will cost money as well. 
  • Network Changes - if you need to expand your WLAN, then this will lead to extra costs. Likewise, it costs money to decrease the size of your network if that's what you need to do as well. 

Effectively, you have multiple things to contend with. The problem is that your budget makes it challenging to handle all of these different costs. So, what's the solution? Hire freelance WLAN engineer to deploy effectively while saving money

With one simple change, you can deploy WLAN with fewer issues and for a lower cost. Freelancers offer something unique for your company. They don't need to hang around, and they're not your responsibility. 

Hire a freelancer to go through a wireless site survey checklist and install WLAN for you. They'll handle the WLAN design as well, and everything will be deployed correctly. Then, you can hire them to provide maintenance as required. However, do you want to the challenges and solutions of WLAN deployment?

How will this Benefit Your Business?

Freelancers benefit your business because they're so cost-effective! 

You have no employee benefits packages to worry about, which saves an absolute fortune. Plus, you can find the absolute best gig workers out there. In turn, this means you have the best WLAN technicians building and maintaining your network!

So, not only do you save money, but you get an extremely high-level service as well. 

WLAN Deployment Cost

How Can you Identify World-Class Freelancers for WLAN?

First of all, think about the services you're after. If you don't know how to do a site survey, then look for freelancers to do. If you need help with WLAN maintenance, then ensure you find gig workers that handle this. 

Basically, the first step is posting the right jobs. But how do you ensure that the right people see them? It's simple; join the Field Engineer platform

Field Engineer is the only platform that lets you find world-class gig workers all over the globe. Each freelancer is vetted to meet the highest standards possible. When you post a job, it gets sent to all the freelancers on the platform that meet your specific requirements. 

As a result, your inbox is flooded with applications from the top talent that can handle the work you require! 

How do you Hold onto Skilled Gig Workers?

Of course, it helps if you hold onto skilled freelance technicians. Our tips for doing this are simple: 

  • Offer fair rates for your jobs and pay them as soon as the work is done
  • Leave positive ratings on the Field Engineer platform - this helps build a good relationship, and they will want to work for you again
  • Maintain excellent communication, so you establish a working relationship
  • Make it clear that you'll offer future work 

Holding onto gig workers makes life easier for you. For example, the next time you need a site survey, you can contact the same worker as before. There's no need to go through recruitment as you know they can do the job to a high standard. 

You still save money as they're not technically your full-time employee. However, you save a lot of time as well. 

What are the Benefits Your Business Gets from Switching to FE?

Make the switch to Field Engineer if you're looking for the best WLAN engineers. It's the number one platform to use, and your business will see the following benefits: 

  • Find the creme-de-la-creme of WLAN talent
  • Post jobs in minutes and receive applications almost instantly
  • Save time without needing to interview or vet candidates - it's all done for you
  • Manage jobs by tracking your freelancer's place on the map and seeing the tasks they've completed
  • Grow your business globally by finding talent in all four corners of the world

WLAN deployment incurs costs during both the installation and maintenance phases. But, you can reduce them with high-class freelance engineers. Find the talent you need and save money by signing up to the Field Engineer platform today.

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