Wireless Deployment Engineer

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Wireless Deployment Engineer

Having users tethered to desks isn’t the most productive way to run a modern office. In a time where productivity and collaboration matter more than ever before, it makes sense to avoid restricting the machines which everyone uses to do their jobs. This is where wireless technology comes in, but it isn’t as simple as plugging in a router and connecting up.

What is a Wireless Deployment Engineer?

When a business needs to have a WiFi network constructed, they won’t be able to take the same approach as many private citizens. With a much higher risk of cyber attacks, organizations of all sizes have to work tirelessly to keep their systems free from viruses and other malicious software. Along with this, they also have to think about signal strength, the speed of their network, and the number of people who will be accessing it. To build a system which ticks all of the right boxes, a Wireless Deployment Engineer will often be used.

A professional like this needs to have a wide range of skills to be able to work effectively. To start, an intimate knowledge of the hardware being used is essential, with routers, switches, and other components performing vastly different roles. Along with this, wireless deployment engineers skills need to include a good amount of theory. Having enough IP addresses for each machine, for example, will take a lot of mathematic equations, and having an understanding of this will be critical.

The type of work a Wireless Deployment Engineer will do depends on the job at hand. In most cases, the best utilization of their skills will be in brand new network deployment, as this will give them a chance to use all of their expertise. In some cases, though, you will find professionals like this working on smaller jobs, fixing the problems which other engineers have left behind.

What does a Wireless Deployment Engineer Need?

There is a range of skills which will be helpful for someone working in this field, along with some essentials which you won’t be able to live without. Cisco is one of the World’s largest networking companies. They run their computing courses, including a range which surround wireless networking. A lot of employers will expect their Wireless Deployment Engineers to have at least CCNA-Wireless, and having other Cisco certifications to your name can be very helpful.

Along with qualifications, having experience working with servers and other networking hardware will also be critical. This can be gained on your own, using your personal computer to mimic the equipment which you’d be using at work. It will often be more comfortable to go to school, though, with online courses in computer science and networking giving you everything you need to fill in the gaps which Cisco might miss. It’s always worth checking around your local job market before enrolling, as you could find that the businesses near you want something specific.

Cisco Certified CCNA Wireless

How to Get Into it

Becoming a Wireless Deployment Engineer isn’t as hard as you might think. Once you have the skills and education to perform this role, all you’ll need to do is convince someone to hire you. There are loads of companies out there who will be eager to take on a full-time networking professional, especially if they are working on new offices. Your resume will be critical at this stage, and you will need to work hard to make sure that it represents you well, using online resources to help you to write it.

Alongside getting a typical job, you also have the opportunity to work for yourself when you take on the role of a Wireless Deployment Engineer. With smaller companies unable to hire someone permanently for this, it’s easy to find cases where they need help from a freelancer. Here at Field Engineer, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a platform which makes it easy to find work like this. Unlike going it completely alone, you are given protection when you work with us, and we can help if you find yourself in a tight spot.

With more of the World becoming wireless every day, it makes sense to look at this field if you’re interested in a career with computers. It’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon, with the tools and hardware being used by businesses only getting more complicated as time goes on, making it a very secure place to work. Of course, though, you will still have to dedicate yourself if you want to achieve success.

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