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Network Deployment

Wireless Network Deployment


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September 13, 2016

Forget expensive, full-time technicians. Whether it’s a new building or time for an upgrade, our teams of local Field Engineers can provide on-site survey and installation of your wireless network solution.

Immediately after your company submits a Work Order in our platform, our dispatch team contacts a qualified, experienced Field Engineer in your community with the availability to complete your project. Our technicians have the field experience necessary to hit the ground running; securely installing, configuring and testing your wireless network connection to make sure everything you need is operating at peak performance. Once we verify with you that the project has been completed to your satisfaction, simply close out the Work Order and get back to business.

Field Engineers at Work

Wireless Site Survey

Whether your wireless network isn’t providing the Quality of Service it used to, or you’re starting new construction, a wireless site survey will determine the network solution that’s right for you. Site surveys allow us to determine the proper plan to fit your wireless needs.

Findings from the survey will help plan for:

  • Interference from outside sources.
  • AP (access point) placement for equal distribution.
  • Load management
  • Floor layout



Predictive Site Survey

A predictive site survey utilizes software and RF algorithms to determine the best placement for your AP equipment. This type of survey is useful when a building is still being constructed. Using a CAD or PDF file, the software can predict AP placement.

Benefits of a predictive survey:

  • Allows a network plan to be drafted while the building is still under construction.
  • Can be used to obtain the budget required for deployment.

Onsite Survey

An onsite survey is very useful when planning an upgrade to an existing network, or after a remodel. This type of survey is more detailed as the technician will be testing with a live network. These tests will identify weak or overloaded areas. Once the trouble areas are found, we will determine if new equipment needs to be installed or wireless device channels need to be changed.

Onsite surveys are more in-depth but yield better results for existing hardware deployments.

Configuration of Wireless Access Points and Wireless Controllers

Your Employees need a solution that allows them to remain connected to the network, even if they need to move around from one area to another. Our field engineers will make sure your team has a reliable connection in every corner of the building.

The configuration process includes

  1. Balancing power levels
  2. Frequency bands to be used (2.4 GHz or 5GHz)
  3. Separating channels for adjacent AP’s (if multiple are deployed)
  4. Verify Controllers are balancing traffic loads properly
  5. Setting network security protocols

Cabling (if needed)

If you have an existing network that is receiving an upgrade, AP relocation may be necessary to meet your needs. Our technicians are fully capable of running new Ethernet lines from your AP/controller(s) to your server. This insures rapid deployment while minimizing the need for costly sub-contractors.

Deployment of Wireless Access Points (Based on the Results of a Site Survey) & Controllers

Using the data gathered during the survey process, the deployment process is very straight-forward. In new construction this process is done towards the end of the build, typically after your servers have been installed. In an existing building, the deployment process can be as simple as relocating or adding equipment.

Post Installation Wireless Survey

Once deployment is complete we can then begin the post installation survey. This is a verification step to insure all requirements have been met. The survey will insure network security measures are working. We will also test to insure no conflicts exist within the network and that all the controllers are balancing the loads properly (where applicable). Once this is complete your network is ready for use.

Field Engineer Has Your Back from Start to Finish

Field Engineer has the experience and expertise to provide you a cost-effective yet powerful wireless network solution. From start to finish we’ll insure every aspect of your network design is stable, scalable, and secure so you can maximize employee productivity.

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