CCNA Wireless

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CCNA Wireless

A Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless professional will configure, implement and support wireless LANs. These professionals provide the necessary support for a basic enterprise wireless network on Cisco WLAN. The certified expert will be able to install and troubleshoot a Cisco wireless LAN in an enterprise environment. They have in-depth knowledge to support 802.11 WLAN infrastructures, including APs, WLAN controllers, WLAN management platforms, and basic WLAN security.

The CCNA wireless expert will have a basic understanding of wireless networks. The professional will study and analyze different wireless technologies and their impacts. They should have the ability to explain WLAN RF principles, 802.11 authentications, and encryption methods. The professionals must also recognize the components of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network architecture.

It is the responsibility of the Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless professional to crosscheck the basic wireless network operation. The certified expert is responsible for installing and configuring autonomous access points. They should be able to describe the controller-based AP deployment modes. The professional must administer wireless guest networking. They also take care of the basic configuration of Wireless Supplicants and navigate the WCS interface.

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Cisco Certified Associate is installing OS wireless client configuration tools with Cisco Aironet. The expert should be able to monitor wireless enterprise networks by utilizing the Wireless Control System (WCS). They must understand and set up security features within the wireless network. The certified expert will resolve problems and maintain wireless networks.

The CCNA Wireless professional must understand the Cisco Unified Wireless networks. They should be capable of using the Network Controller and mobility express controller. The professional measures wavelength and power changes. They also identify IEEE wireless standards, RF standards, and regulatory bodies. This certified expert uses an RF signal to carry data.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless should understand the frequency, phase, RF power, and power levels. They must know the process of reflection, absorption, scattering, refraction, and diffraction. These professionals plan coverage, design, and survey wireless access points. They must have an excellent knowledge of antennas and their characteristics.

It is the responsibility of the CCNA Wireless professional to manage CISCO wireless networks and interferences. The professional must implement and supports cloud deployment with controller discovery, roaming, and RRM.

CCNA Wireless Professional

Educational Qualifications

The desired candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronics, or any other related field. Some employers hire candidates with a master’s degree or relevant work experience.

Useful Certification

Cisco Certified (CCNA Wireless)

Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless)

The Network Associate Wireless certification will validate the candidate’s skills to configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and support enterprise wireless networks. This certification is for candidates interested in managing a wireless LAN configuration across all access points.


According to Payscale, the Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless professional earns about $78K in the United States.

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CCNA Wireless
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