Wireless Deployment Technician

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It's hard to escape wireless technology, nowadays. With the vast majority of digital devices requiring their internet connections, the need for an easy way to hook everyone up is essential, and having wires doing the job wouldn't cut it. Working with the wireless side of modern networking systems takes a specific set of skills, and they are often found in the form of a wireless deployment technician.

What is a Wireless Deployment Technician?

While a wireless network appears to have as little hardware as possible running the show, behind the scenes will tell a very different story. There are loads of various tools and components which go into creating a secure network, and they all have to be installed by a person, even when they are in very tricky places. A wireless deployment technician will be in charge of the planning, installation, and maintenance of all of the wireless hardware throughout a business or group of clients. This work isn't for those who can't endure the elements, as technicians often have to do their job outside.

There is a range of different responsibilities which a wireless deployment technician might have. This goes further than managing the hardware, with the ability to use computers, work with internet service providers, and being physically fit all working together to complete this role. Professionals like this will often have to work on the road, going between sites all the time. This will make it essential that you're able to drive, as companies don't want their employees taking public transport while they are at work.

What do They Need?

If you like the sound of becoming a wireless deployment technician, it will be crucial that you have an idea of the entry requirements for this sort of role before you get started. Thankfully, in most cases, having the right experience can be enough to get you into a job like this. With so much of the work being practical, showing that you have a strong knowledge of the field can be enough to impress even the largest of companies. This isn't to say that qualifying or two would be a bad thing, though.

A lot of people haven't heard of Cisco before, even though it is one of the world's largest networking companies. As part of their work, they've been training engineers for decades, giving them the skills which are required to work on wireless networks. To get yourself started, CCNA-Wireless is one of the best certificates to go for. Not only does it cover a lot of the information you'll need to do this job, but it will also be nice and quick, as these courses are designed to be completed within a few months.

Wireless Deployment Technician

Getting Into it

Any career in the field of computing is a competitive one, at the moment. Loads of new people are entering this field, often creating a challenge for those who don't have any experience. For this reason, it can be worth doing a little bit of work for free as you get started, providing you with a portfolio which future clients and employers can use as a reference point. Once you start getting appropriately paid for your time, you can expect to earn more than $50,000 each year, and this is comfortably above average in the US.

Working for a typical business will always limit your earning potential in a role like this. You don't have to settle like this, though, with a considerable portion of the world's wireless deployment technicians working for themselves. Websites like Field Engineer can help you to find work, providing you with security and regular paychecks, all while you get to keep control over your task. There are loads of businesses out there which can't afford to hire engineers all the time, but will still need their skills to keep their business running smoothly.

Working with wireless technology can be a challenge for a lot of companies. A lot of the tools being used are relatively new, and most people don't have the skills to work with them, leaving a big hole which needs to be filled. This isn't a role which is likely to disappear anytime soon, with the router and switch technology only becoming more complicated. It's rare to find jobs with these qualities, especially in a field which is leaning more and more towards automation, but this doesn't mean that it is impossible. Instead, you have to work hard, grasping at the opportunities you are given before they disappear.

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