Wireless Site Survey Specialist

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Freelance Wireless Site Survey Specialists

Freelance Wireless Site Survey Specialists are trained professionals who are involved in the survey proposed for wireless network installations.

A wireless site survey alternatively called as RF site survey or wireless survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless setup. The survey typically consists of a site visit to run investigations to regulate the presence of RF interference and categorize most favorable installation positions for access sockets. This needs a study of building floor plans, physical inspection of the site, and usage of site survey techniques.

Freelance Wireless Site Survey guides you implement a wireless local area network (WLAN) improved for your IT and Telecom facilities. Site Survey Specialist provides you a reasonable way to deliver the analysis, performance, capability, Quality of Service (QoS), security, and roaming competency your business requires. Wireless Site Survey services are accessible as a remote service that saves time and expenses.

Their work identifies potential:

  • Coverage
  • Data Rates
  • Network Capacity
  • Roaming Capability
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

A well-performed wireless site survey is essential to creating a wireless network delivered on time and within budget.

Wireless Survey Process

Wireless Site Surveys are conducted using devices and software that collect and analyses WLAN metrics and RF spectrum properties. Valid range is set defining the area in which wireless connectivity is required. During the survey, a surveyor walks the facility with a portable computer that continuously records data. Each location surveyed is marked manually or through GPS, and these statistics are collected:

  • Signal Strength run.
  • Noise (electrical, not audio)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) – (This determines the minimum signal needed for given applications to run effectively)
  • Bandwidth

After these parameters are collected, they are analyzed with specialized software.

Wireless Survey Process

Types of Wireless Site Surveys

There are three types of site survey in which a specialist performs:

  • Passive

In this type of survey, WLAN traffic is monitored to detect possible access points and measure the signal strength and noise level.

  • Active

During the active survey wireless adapters are associated with multiple access points. The active survey checks the performance post-deployment the wireless network. If any error is found for data transfer, then it can be fixed.

  • Predictive

In this type of survey, the RF modeling is created using mockup tools. Virtual access points are placed on the given area of the network to estimate the expected coverage.

Additionally, spectrum analyzers are also used to measure the primary source of RF activity.

Autonomous studies have revealed that most of the wireless networks installed today are not adequately designed or installed, and many do not deliver the level of service that they were planned to. So, because of this, strict wireless site surveys, detailed planning, and design exercises are becoming vital, primarily to support the new type of wireless services such as mobile VoIP and instantaneous geolocation services.

Educational Requirement

There are no specific educational requirements to become a Freelance Site Survey Specialist, but a minimum of a degree in Telecommunication engineering and related field along with experience is required.

Job Outlook

As per Freelancers Union, 69 percent of independent workers express that new technology has made finding gig professionals easier. At present freelancer has many more opportunities than the two or three best-known websites through the digital platform.

Salary Outlook

The average annual salary according to Payscale.com, for a freelance wireless survey technician ranges from $26,446 – $52,130. Working as a freelancer can be a good choice. In the telecom world, top freelance marketplaces like FieldEngineer.com provide the exclusive platform for freelance wireless survey specialist.

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