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What is a Survey Technician

Survey and mapping technicians are tasked with collecting data and using it to create visual representations of an area. This could mean creating maps of the Earth’s surface or even mapping out an area where a building is planned to be constructed.


Survey technicians will typically need to understand how to use surveying instruments that can include distance-measure equipment, drones and markers. The job will typically take you all across the nation (or world, if you are working internationally) to survey different plots of land or environments.

The data collected will need to be organized and then fed into computers either in an office or out in the field to be processed and turned into a visual representation by mapping technicians.

Qualifications & Skills

Survey technicians typically require a high school diploma but should have training in survey technology. Mathematical knowledge is also important for calculating and analysing the values you measure out in the field.

Job Outlook

Survey technicians are in demand all across the world and are typically utilized in fields such as architecture, engineering, local government, hospitals, and mining. However, work can be limited depending on the projects currently taking place in an organization.

This is where freelancing can offer you more job opportunities. Thanks to the ability to take on work from multiple clients back to back. This can provide you with more security and also more earning potential.

Pay Scale Range

Full-time survey technicians can expect to earn between $25,000 and $70,000 per year depending on their skills. The average pay for this role is $44,325 per year, but the pay can rise much higher depending on your area of expertise.

However, as a freelance survey technician, you could potentially exceed this earnings ceiling by working with companies all across the world. Since you’ll be able to accept as little or as much work as possible, it offers far more flexibility and a much greater profit potential.

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