Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer

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What is Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer?

Being an Aryaka SD-WAN engineer can be a lucrative and rewarding career. At FE, we empower you if you’re looking for Aryaka SD-WAN engineer freelance jobs by providing you with the solution and platform to connect with clients and achieve your goals.

Modern companies are completely reliant on computer networks. A combination of LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), intranets, network segments, and other data communication systems, are crucial to the success of any sizeable company, and many smaller companies.

What is the Job Description?

An Aryaka SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) engineer will usually have a wide range of responsibilities. These often include crucial maintenance for the smooth operation of the company, as well as performing the design and installation of hardware and software upgrades.

You will also monitor network performance and troubleshoot problems as they arise, including addressing any security concerns. Another common requirement is to perform research to ensure the network products, services, protocols, and standards remain at the forefront of any networking industry developments.

What are the Responsibilities of an Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer?

If you look at a typical Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer job description, you will see that the bulk of the role is usually centered on the delivery of network planning, design, implementation, and optimization. This will include providing design support for complementary parts of global infrastructure.

As an Aryaka SD-WAN engineer, your skills will put you close to the top of the tree, and you often provide leadership and guidance to other members of the networking team.

What Education Is Required for Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer Jobs?

For newer Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer, employers like candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer or information science, or computer or electrical engineering.

You may have an advantage if you’ve taken a degree program that specifically focuses on computer networks and system administration. The networking industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. The best Aryaka SD-WAN engineers will train throughout their whole career and attend relevant industry conferences to stay up to date. Some roles will also require a master’s degree.

We recommend you to read our articles on Top 15 SD-WAN vendors, to find the best vendors and deployment & installation guides for SD-WAN.

What Skills Do You Require?

When it comes to Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer Skills, the experience is at the top of the tree. To help gain practical experience, many Aryaka SD-WAN Engineers participate in internship programs while they’re still studying.

Other important skills for the role include analytical skills, a good level of communication, problem-solving, and computer skills in a relevant environment. Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer responsibilities are huge and it is important that as many skills as possible are gained. If you understand SD-WAN and security matters well, a career as an Aryaka SD-WAN Expert could be for you.

Useful Certifications for an Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer

There are many certification programs on offer. Many of them are offered directly by vendors or third party certification providers not affiliated with any particular vendor. Being certified builds your credibility with potential clients. They know you will have all the required knowledge and a good understanding of all the best practices relating to your certification. It adds extra peace of mind for companies and helps to make freelancers more appealing to potential clients.

Many different vendors offer certification programs, with Cisco Systems and Microsoft being a couple of the most common. However, other vendors, such as Fortinet and Virtuoso, also offer their own certification programs you can take advantage of.

What Salary Can You Expect?

Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer Salary expectations are largely dependent on your level of experience. The average range is between $75k and $110k, depending on your experience and seniority. Despite this average range, many Aryaka SD-WAN engineers earn more.

Working as a freelance Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer can be even more lucrative. As well as working for several companies and maximizing your income, you also gain a far broader range of experience in a shorter time frame. This means you will add more value to your clients.

Working as an Aryaka SD-WAN Engineer

There are many aspects to on-demand work that appeals to Aryaka SD-WAN Engineers. You will get paid more, build a more impressive resume, have more flexibility, and you can focus on your preferred areas of specialisms.

Using qualified and trusted freelancers is becoming increasingly common. The recruitment landscape is changing, and the increased earnings and freedom is leading to many Aryaka SD-WAN network engineers making the switch to on-demand working. Not recruiting a full-time Aryaka SD-WAN engineer is more cost-effective for businesses, and freelance engineers make more money. It really is a win-win situation.

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