SD-WAN Deployment Engineer

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SD-WAN Deployment Engineer

Have you always wanted to enjoy a successful career as an SD-WAN Deployment Engineer? Well, if the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! At Field Engineer, our job is to connect you with the perfect career path for you and introduce you to some of the best freelancing roles from around the world.

What Is The Job Description?

Working as an SD-WAN Deployment Engineer is an informative and interesting position and something to really enhance your engineering prospects. SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area networking and is essential for helping improve office networking, as well as optimizing business operations.

Taking on a role as an SD-WAN Deployment Engineer comes with many requirements and responsibilities, and it’s important to have an idea of what this job entails before you get started. In your capacity as an SD-WAN Deployment Engineer, you will be working as a field engineer, tasked with implementing SD-WAN services within businesses. It is essential for companies looking to connect networks and improve their efficiency.

The job description of an SD-WAN Deployment Engineer sees you take responsibility for the integration, development, implementation, configuration, and support of all stages of the SD-WAN process. This often means troubleshooting and optimizing already existing networks to get them up to speed. But, you may also need to provide demonstrations, assisting the sales teams with technical expertise, and helping to streamline operations and cut costs.

What are The Responsibilities of a SD-WAN Deployment Engineer?

In this role, you are going to have a fair few responsibilities, and you must embrace these. Chiefly, you will be helping businesses build software that allows for instant communication, better efficiency, and greater security as well. Check out some of these SD-WAN Deployment Engineer responsibilities:

  • Get more intelligence and build a better business
  • Take charge of digital networks and ensure they are optimized for greater efficiency
  • Integrate SD-WAN and demonstrate its effectiveness
  • Improve performance and modify existing SD-WAN systems to suit the upgraded business models
  • Work on positively impacting the operational efficiency of businesses
  • Conduct real-time task completion reports
  • Day-to-day monitoring of the operational impact of the SD-WAN network performance
What are The Responsibilities of a SD-WAN Deployment Engineer?

What Education is Required for SD-WAN Deployment Engineer Jobs?

If you are serious about becoming a successful SD-WAN Deployment Engineer, it is essential that you understand the educational skills necessary to take on this job role. Some sort of educational experience in the field of science and computing is essential. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Systems will certainly equip you with the skills you need.

It is also important to consider specializations so that you can really develop your skills and take the right career path. Becoming well-versed in other network engineering skills is also something that is really important for the future. There are plenty of certifications you can get that will help you develop the skills necessary for success in this career path, including CCNP and SEC certifications.

What Skills do you Require?

Knowing the skills you need is essential for achieving success in any job. Knowing the SD-WAN Deployment Engineer skills needed to get hired is very important, and you have to make sure you do the necessary research in order to help you with this. You have to be au fait with modern technology, and how it can be used to improve businesses. Make sure you also work on developing technical expertise where possible as well.

Experience and skill in the field of engineering and computing goes without saying, but there are other important skills too. And you need to look at how you can embrace things like problem-solving, working well under pressure, and focusing on things like cybersecurity as well.

What Salary Can you Expect?

It is important to think about the salary you can expect when you are looking to take on a job like this. The average estimated SD-WAN Deployment Engineer salary you can expect to enjoy in this career works out to be between around $71,399 and $86,507.

This is a good salary for those in the world of engineering, and, if you were working it out to an hourly rate, it would come in at $30.67. However, this is something that can fluctuate based on experience

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