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Field Engineer is an online engineering temp agency that connects thousands of engineers with companies searching for part time employees to complete project-based work. Search hundreds of job postings until you find the network engineer job description that fits your qualifications best!

A network engineer is a demanding technology professional who has the necessary skills to plan, implement and oversee the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services. As an Engineer for networks, you are responsible for areas around Engineering, Global Infrastructure Services etc. Plenty of network engineer jobs are available in the Freelance marketplace to cater their specific project based needs, which fits the best. In this digital software-driven world, where companies must move with speed, software skills are now a must for network engineers.

Top 5 Networking Certifications are:

  • CCIE: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
  • CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • JNCIE-ENT: Juniper Networks Certified Enterprise Routing and Switching Expert
  • CompTIA Network+
  • WCNA: Wireshark Certified Network Analyst
Top 5 Networking Certifications

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The Field Engineer Origin Story

In 2015, Field Engineer launched in New York City. Born with the intention of helping recently laid off engineers find work as recessionary layoffs became more and more common, Field Engineer immediately saw success. The On Demand Freelance Marketplace is an easy to navigate place for engineers to upload their qualifications and experience in order to connect with potential employers.

By giving engineers access to lucrative, career building job opportunities, they can expand on their professional relationships while being a part of something bigger than just a website; a community of fellow engineers from all over the world.

Field Engineer boosts the economy of the engineer workforce by minimizing out of work engineers. By cutting out the energy spent searching for potential hires and going through an intensive interviewing and hiring process, Field Engineer saves businesses precious time and reduces stress by connecting employees instantly.

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I’m Ready to Sign up; Now How does Field Engineer Work?

1) Simply upload your resume and fill our your qualifications, experience, references, skills…anything else you think might be relevant to land you that job!

2) Next, link an account to your bank account or PayPal account in order to be paid by your part-time employers.

3) Start browsing job listings! Field Engineer’s Rapid Al Matching system will match your profile with job descriptions that fit your particular skill set best.

4) Apply for jobs and start communicating with potential employers to negotiate the terms of the project.

4) Once you complete your project, send it back to your employer for review and wait to get paid!

5) Request a review of your job-well-done if your employer didn’t automatically give you one; reviews are gold in the world of online temp jobs!

Field Engineer is the ideal temporary engineering employment agency because of their accessibility and ability to put project-based engineers and employees in the same place. No more reaching out to companies for interviews, no more waiting for emails back, just fast, simple communication between employers and employees. There are many staffing agencies out there but for the most complete and easy to navigate online engineering agency, Field Engineer is your new favorite tool!

Field Engineer Specific Features Include:

  • API Integration which makes engagement simple and complete
  • Al Work Order Management to effectively automate administrative tasks
  • A cost-effective recruitment tool for businesses that charges no fee for recruiting through Field Engineer
  • Engineers cleared by background checks
  • Rapid-Al matching which enables skills and potential positions to be matched up appropriately
  • A global interface, allowing employees and employers to be connected anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to use, mobile platform on both iOS and Android devices

The pace of online growth is not slowing down so the way you find a job shouldn’t either. Some of the best features of Field Engineer are the ability you have to access your Field Engineer network on any device, from anywhere. Both iOS and Android mobile devices can download the Field Engineer app giving you access to jobs through an easy to navigate, online system worldwide, at any time.

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Why is Field Engineer So Different?

While some engineer recruiting websites can connect you with project-based engineering jobs, few do it as quickly or effectively as Field Engineer. Each network engineer job description is matched with relevant profiles to ensure you see the best jobs available for you personally. Trust that you won’t miss a job that would be perfect for you with Field Engineer.

While project management for businesses is easy with Field Engineer, using a real-time engineer tracker and work order management systems, it will also keep you on track and updated each step of the way. Organize your projects and be confident that the work is completed how it was requested of you.

How many engineering recruiting firms have access to engineers on (almost) every continent?

No matter where you are located, Field Engineer has project-based positions for you. Having employees based in Canada, America, the UK, South America, Russia, Asia and Australia, there are positions everywhere and for every salary.

Are you a traveling engineer or working remotely for your company back home but still looking for engineering jobs while you’re aborad? Field Engineer can connect you with employees regardless of your location. Few engineer recruiting firms can say the same.

Are you searching for a network engineer job description that fits your qualifications but having trouble getting hired full-time in this economy? Trust Field to connect you with project-based positions that you are qualified for, have reasonable pay rates, are offered by trustworthy companies and, best of all, keep you working while you search for full-time work. Who knows; you may even decide you like project-based work enough to do it full time!

Try it today and we guarantee you will look at working in a completely new way!

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“With rising digital consumption, you need direct access to flexible technical talent to get ahead of demand. With our powerful platform, tap the right specialists locally and globally. As Telecom veterans, we’re committed to removing the complexities and expensive speed bumps to talent placement so you can achieve excellence.”


Just log onto Field Engineer, create an online portfolio connected to a bank account and begin searching for the network engineer job description suitable for you today. Join an international community of engineers and companies that work closely with engineers to experience a different way to do temporary engineering work.

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