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How to Find the Right Job Post on Field Engineer


Gary McCauley


July 31, 2019

Are you using Field Engineer to find the right job for you? To do this, you need to make sure you know how to identify the right job post. We’re going to show you exactly how to do that and ensure you only get the best match.

How to Get in Touch with Telecom Employees of Choice

Getting the right telecom employees of choice is all about taking your business globally. At Field Engineer, we make this process easy, fast and user-friendly. But, it will be up to you to find the right engineer that suits you best. 

It’s worth noting that project descriptions and scope of work can have a low level of details. That’s why you need to know the key points to watch out for. For instance, a title should clearly provide the key info of the job. 

Then, you need to check the description. This should give concise information about particular deliverables and timeline. A description that is vague without deliverables should give a reason for this. 

You want to make sure that skills are provided too and that they match your skillset. This will ensure that you are a good choice for the job in question. 

While people can rush completing their job posts, the detail is important. Key factors including grammar will likely mean a higher level of future communication. 

What to Avoid

At Field Engineer, we work hard to ensure our platform only provides the best job posts. However, sometimes issues do slip through the cracks. As such, you should watch out for issues with clients asking for you to work for free and clients asking you to make a purchase. 

Clients providing slow responses and businesses offering for payment off-platform are also ones to avoid. Furthermore, you should never be asked to provide additional personal details not relevant to the post. These could be searching for information rather than hiring for a role. 

Check History

It is possible to check the history of those posting on Field Engineer. You might want to check how often they have posted, reviews, and the amount of time they’ve spent here. It can be worth opting to select a regular poster rather than someone knew who is untried and untested. 

High Paying Field Engineer Jobs

Find Jobs in Your Local Area

With some platforms, you’re going to need to travel far and wide to find the better freelance opportunities. That’s not the case with Field Engineer. Our global solution has jobs that are posted in a range of different locations. 

As such, you’re sure to be able to find one close by to you. This can save you money and stress when you’re searching for a job you want. We’ll help you keep those travel costs low and friendly. 

All you need to do is select a job that’s close to your location. Don’t forget, you're more likely to be hired by a client that is close by as well. They will want to make sure that you can deliver a rapid service to their clients. 

It’s worth noting some job posts are promoted. This demonstrates that a business is desperate to quickly get an expert freelancer to complete the service they need. 

Get in Touch 

Technology is battlefield for top talent, so making a direct connection with a potential employer is vital. You'll then need to determine whether that employer is a good fit for you. Some communications will come directly from the manager of a business. 

Be aware that a company will always want at least a brief interaction with you first. They’ll be keen to ensure that you are right for their needs as well. Preparing a great cover letter or response can be key to winning a job and ensuring that you are chosen over the competition. 

Ultimately, on our platform, you will be able to quickly make a connection with a global employer who is local to your area. It’s often so easy to do this, that you may be able to find the right match for you in a matter of minutes. 

Our aim at a field engineer is to provide the ultimate service to freelancers and businesses alike. Through our solution, businesses can get in touch with telecom professionals and telecom professionals can contact businesses too. It’s the ultimate two way straight that provides a mutually beneficial system both can rely on. 

Our digital platform supports freelance talent and provides you with the power to choose the jobs you want and that match your skill set. 

We hope this helps you find the right job posts on Field Engineer that meet your individual needs.

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