Globalization Continues: Advantages of Taking Your Business Globally


Gary McCauley


December 14, 2018

Businesses all over the world are continuing to expand from one side of the globe to another, so if you are thinking about taking your business global, you need to consider what the benefits are for your business. When it’s executed properly, globalization can change your business in a way you didn’t expect, and this is a good thing. Expanding your business in a local capacity allows you to be successful, but imagine how successful your business could be if you went global as well.

Businesses that want to go global require the service of field engineers. A report by Ericsson has said that global connections are predicted to reach 3.5 billion by 2023, and since there were 700 million connections in 2017, this shows a growth of 30% annually. Without field engineers, this rate of expansion wouldn’t be possible. Engineers work to create bigger connections for businesses, and when you consider the growth from 3G internet to 4G, the fact that 5G connections are to hit 1.5 billion by the end of 2024 shows that global telecom is expanding. Businesses that want to jump on that expansion are going to benefit massively, but they need to have the right people working alongside them to do so. Jump into the future and find the right freelance engineer for you across the globe with Field Engineer.

There are some common advantages that come with making your business a global success, but it does take some work on your part to make it happen. The world will continue to globalize whether you join in or not, but if you want to be a part of the future of globalization, you need to jump on it and benefit from it. Before you expand on an international scale, check out some of the advantages of doing so:

Potential for New Revenue

An obvious advantage of globalization is a bigger customer base. You currently think about the local area and your country when you are selling your product or service, and if you go global with your business you have the chance to enjoy a much bigger revenue from new customers that want to indulge in your business. You get the chance to shake up your company and give it a breath of life that it would need to skyrocket your revenues.

Helping More People

As a business, the reason that you are already locally successful is that you are providing a solution to a problem. People don’t buy a product or invest in a service unless it helps them in some way. By globalizing, you are able to offer that product or service to a wider market, which means that you can cast a wider net and help a much larger number of people to answer their questions that your company can help with.

Access to Talent

Remember we mentioned casting that wider net? Well, it’s not just about your customer base. You need to recruit talent, and going global allows you to access new, potential employees that have different mindsets and different skills. This could add some life to your business in a way that you didn’t anticipate, and this talent that you bring on have the potential to shake things up. You can get a much bigger edge over your competition, too, because they may not have the same access to that talent.

Learning New Cultures

Any company can benefit from going global if they are interested in becoming a well-rounded, world-wise organization. You get the chance to understand people that are not from your country, giving you an entirely new perspective on the relationships that you build with your customers. This leads to hiring in new talent and creating a market that takes culture into account, expanding your business internally as well as globally.

Foreign Investment Potential

Any smart business owner knows that foreign investment is valuable for their business. If you compare the figures from the ‘90s to the ‘70s, you’ll see that foreign investment was up in the ‘90s by 7 times the level of the ‘70s. Globalizing gives you a bigger shot at learning about investment opportunities and how they will be good for your business.

Company Reputation

There is a prestige that comes with the ability to call yourself an international company, and while it’s not an easy thing to accomplish, you have bigger prospects than you did if you stayed in one place. Customers respect companies with an international presence, and globalization can improve that reputation massively. All it takes is being better connected around the globe to make that wish come true.

How FE Can Help

FE is a marketplace that connects business to engineers all over the world. Our whole business is about connecting field engineers with businesses that are looking to expand into areas that require huge digital demands. FE is a powerful platform for businesses that need the best. With our platform, you can find engineers wherever you may be in the world. We currently have over 40,000 engineers in our network, and we give your business the opportunity to match with global telecom experts that are hungry to dive into the digital world. We offer seamless communication between you and the engineer that you hire, with personalized project management to prevent those large-scale projects from being an unnecessary challenge.

FE uses a platform that readily connects with the apps that you already use, so that job management and fund management become seamless. You get the chance to track your job’s progress in real time and you can view work approvals and assignments as and when you want to manage them. Our aim is to provide you with the best, so that your aim to globalize can come true with the best possible support. With an engineering presence in 180 countries, we’ve got the power to improve your business, one engineer at a time.

Improve your business global presence through Field Engineer’s network of vetted engineers in 180 countries! Sign-up for free and find an engineer for your project today.


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