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The Telecom Technician

A Telecom Technician is proficient in understanding telecom products and services like – internet, intranet, cables, routers, telephones, faxes and other computer equipment’s. Often, most telecommunication technicians are skillfully trained in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the telecommunication equipment.

Telecom Technician Job Description –

The telecommunication technicians are bound to on-site installation, troubleshooting, alterations and maintenance of the telecommunication products. The telecom technician jobs encompasses the following –

  • Identify, monitor, report and resolve telecom’s product related issues.
  • Manage multiple projects efficiently with timely reporting of status. Maintain a good relationship with the vendors, technical management, and program management organizations.
  • Maintain effective communication across project coordinators, team members to ensure early detection of the issues.
  • Routine tests on all the systems to ensure all the systems components are working in a good condition.
  • Be up-to-date on the latest technologies to assist customers in the best possible way.

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Qualifications –

An associate degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is needed to qualify as a Telecom Tech. The course covers the wide array of topics related to computers, networking, how to operate LAN, Wireless LAN, and video conferencing systems. As per the Telecom Industry standards, the organization recommends optional certifications like SSCA (SIP school Certified Associate) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to advance the career as a telecom technician.

Additional Skills Requirements –

  • A working experience in planning, installing, configuring and deploying telecom system and services is a must.
  • Knowledge of enterprise telecom, network analysis, and communication tools.
  • Must be Customer-oriented.
  • Strong computer skills and knowledge of VOIP implementation and management.

Telecom Technician salary –

As per Paysa, the average salary for a full-time telecom technician is $34 per hour. When compared this to the average salary of a freelance telecom technician is $40 per hour. The reason being the flexibility of working on diverse projects and the facility to work from anywhere. The sole reason why the freelance economy is in huge demand is the nature of the field engineers work that led businesses to look for the option of the Top Freelance Marketplace.

Why Hire a Freelance Telecom Technician?

The job role of a telecom technician is erratic and appointing a full-time candidate can be the pain points for a company. To align the businesses and the technician in a parallel realm, was launched. Built on the latest technologies, businesses can track the engineer’s right from their fingertips. is the first venture in the telecom industry that solves the challenge of finding the right field engineers.

FieldEngineer has eased the struggle of businesses by providing them the pool of certified freelance engineers. FieldEngineer is a hassle-free journey for the telecom businesses. Hire a certified Freelance Telecom Technician today!

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