Wireless Communication Technician

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Wireless Communication Technician

Wireless Communication Technicians provide maintenance and repairs for wireless devices. They install and resolve issues relating to various types of wireless devices, such as cellular phones and PDAs. Technicians also help develop wireless networks and solve network problems.

The technician will play an important role in rectifying minor repairs and upgrades to the equipment. They are responsible to verify the integrity of the equipment as well. It is the Wireless Communication Technician who maintain the infrastructure that supports wireless communication systems. The professionals should take care of the complex networks and also rectify any other wireless devices as well.

The professional has to be well-versed with electronics and cellular systems. They professionals will review, test, inspect and troubleshoots the system following its installation. The professional need to be qualified enough to identify the equipment failures and explain it to the equipment operators. They should use schematic drawings and other written specifications to locate and repair problems.

Job Description

Wireless Communications Technician job is to support complex networks that transmit wireless signals. Technicians must also build the infrastructure required for wireless communication systems. They should maintain and repair personal communication devices as well as wireless equipment, such as cellular phones, beepers, wireless Internet (WiFi) hotspots, and others.

The technicians must have a proper understanding of broadband technologies, electronics, and mobile systems. They should examine and evaluate electronic equipment with the aid of measuring and diagnostic tools. It is their duty to report equipment failures, and creating work orders that resolve them.

The professional must interact with other teams to identify existing equipment problems. They should utilize schematic drawings and other written specifications to address issues. The technician visit sites where wireless communications are located and relay sites maintained by the wireless network.

The technician should assist in installing and setting up wireless and new telecommunication services. They must ensure that the equipment and circuit installations are of the best quality. The professionals should be able to understand and interpret technical design documents and other related information. They will implement as per design, as well as propose changes for effective project delivery.

The Wireless Communication Technician will conduct periodic maintenance of personal communication devices and wireless networks. They should advise customers on whether to replace wireless communication devices or repair them. They should devise plans to design and review engineering services, both in the office and in the field. It is the technician who should provide necessary support in all areas related to wireless communications, and assisting in business development and client management. They must be able to deal with project-specific telecommunication and wireless services and assist in the creation of permits, contracts, schedules, estimates, data collections, construction surveys, and other tasks.

Educational Requirements

Wireless Communication Technicians must have a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering or a related discipline. They should further take subjects such as physics and mathematics. They must have a good understanding of complex equipment operations and have advanced computer skills, which includes understanding technology. The main areas of focus are circuit theory, digital systems, electronics, microwave technology. The candidates should have adequate training to perform diagnostic work and maintenance on the equipment.

Educational Requirements

Other Required Skills

Time Management

The technician must be capable to organize the daily work routine in an orderly manner. They should create a personal schedule to manage the work and should implement the activities on a priority basis and estimated schedules.

Interpersonal Skills

The professionals should maintain cooperative and professional relationship with the other departments. This includes all levels of management and representatives from the organization.

Analytical Skills

Wireless Communication Technician must have the ability to research, identify and resolve any technical issues of wireless communications systems. This includes troubleshooting for hardware, software or electronic problems.

Communication Skills

The technician need to communicate ideas effectively and must know how to prepare the reports and logs. They must be patient listeners and should understand information and ideas that are presented. The professional will have to handle a variety of customer service issues in a confidential manner.

Useful Certifications

Certifications from various vendors help the candidates to enhance their knowledge on specific subjects. These certifications will help the employers to analyze the capabilities and expertise in the field. Usually, organizations prefer candidates who hold in the products they use. So, some useful certifications for Wireless Communication Technicians include the following:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional Wireless (CCNP Wireless)
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
  • Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

Salary and Future Outlook

According to Payscale, Wireless Communication Technicians on average earn about $40,000 annually in the United States. On an hourly basis, Wireless Communication Technicians earn $19.78. The indeed salary estimate states that on an average the Wireless Communication Technician Salary ranges from approximately $18.44 per hour for Field Technician to $44.30 per hour for Network Engineer. As per The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job market for technicians is expected to fall 4% until 2024.

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