Why Highly Skilled Network Engineers prefer On-Demand work?


Malik Zakaria


May 8, 2019

The modern business arena is evolving at a rapid rate, not least in regards to recruitment. Today’s top candidates across an array of industries now boast greater options than ever before. This is especially true when dealing with skilled network engineers, and many are switching to on-demand contracting.

As an employer needing skilled network engineers for your business projects, appreciating their view is vital. Here’s what you need to know about the appeal of on-demand jobs and how your company can use it to its advantage.

What Is On-Demand Work?

The on-demand workforce describes a shift towards an open talent economy. Rather than working as a traditional employee, skilled workers can take on contracted projects. They could be temporary jobs or ongoing agreements.

While the idea of contracting is nothing new, this is a new(ish) approach. Contractors find their projects on a marketplace, like FieldEngineer, to make landing work easier than ever. This ensures that their work is as secure as traditional employment.

Why Do Skilled Network Engineers Prefer On-Demand Work?

On-demand jobs aren’t for everyone, particularly those that won’t get hired frequently enough. However, an increasing number of skilled network engineers are turning to this approach. Here are five of the main reasons why:

  • They get paid more
  • They have more flexibility
  • They gain better career prospects
  • They can focus on their strengths
  • They aren’t locked in

Let’s take a closer look at each of those points.

They get paid more

The on-demand contractors do not usually get paid holidays. Likewise, they will only be contracted for the hours that they work. This allows them to charge more while the employer still saves money in the long run.

Skilled network engineers know their worth to a business. Moreover, the fact that most employers needing on-demand workers require them immediately, the engineers can use this to their advantage. For skilled engineers that know how to promote themselves, the rewards are huge.

They have more flexibility

Skilled network engineers that use on-demand marketplace have great flexibility over their work-life balance. Many will work very hard for a few weeks before taking an extended break. Others will work a few days each week and take time out.

The ability to do what is best for them is very appealing. Moreover, thanks to remote jobs, it’s often possible to schedule daily assignments around other commitments. This sense of control easily surpasses anything in traditional employment.

They gain better career prospects

It’s very easy to get stuck in the vicious cycle of stagnation in a secure job. Network engineers that are in traditional employment are no different. However, those working through on-demand opportunities can often fast-track their progress.

Each project builds up their experience. Meanwhile, it only takes one short-term job in a more senior role to open the door to this new level of work. Given that most contracts only last a short while too, this can be an ideal way to grow at the quickest possible rate.

They can focus on their strengths

Aside from choosing when to work, skilled network engineers can use on-demand jobs to work on what they like too. The importance of networking technologies means that there will never be a shortage of jobs. So, the top talent can pick and choose the projects that appeal most.

This can mean working with the most reputable companies and with people they like and trust. Or it may mean choosing the job that focuses on the parts of network engineering that they enjoy most. This effectively lets them skip the negative tasks they’d have to complete in a normal role.

They aren’t locked in

There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped in a job. Still, fears of job prospects (even when they are baseless concerns) makes it hard to escape. This can lead to a monotonous cycle of visiting the same building each day to complete the same mundane networking tasks.

Likewise, traditional employment contracts may mean that you are stuck for a year or longer in a position. By using on-demand jobs, it’s possible for each day to be a unique challenge. In fact, skilled engineers can even travel the globe while working on projects. The control is in their hands.

For these reasons and many more, the best skilled network engineers are often found on FieldEngineer.com.

So, What Can Your Business Do About It?

Rather than fight it, embrace it.

Skilled network engineers are choosing on-demand for many reasons. So, if you are eager to find the very top talent, it’s likely that you’ll need to make the switch out of necessity. However, the good news is that there are many benefits for the business too.

From an employer’s perspective, the benefits include:

  • Get more for your money despite paying a greater hourly rate, you’ll only pay for the work that’s needed and avoid additional traditional staffing costs.
  • Tap into the best local talent as well as network engineers from around the globe. This instantly multiplies the talent pool, giving you the best shot at finding the right engineer.
  • Gain a more global presence for the business by association while also gaining better chances to spread the word in new territories.
  • Save time by managing all aspects of the network engineer staffing process through an easy-to-manage marketplace while also having people come to you after posting your position.
  • Rehire and retain the engineers that perform well while getting rid of average workers with minimal hassle and no threat of comebacks.

The gig economy truly is an ideal solution for employers and contractors alike. Network engineering is one area where this is particularly true. Now is the time to use it.

Getting Started With Field Engineer

Field Engineer boasts a talent pool of over 40,000 skilled technicians including thousands of highly skilled network engineers looking for jobs like yours. Whether you wish to scout your own talent or post a job and wait for the applications is up to you. Either way, a future filled with smarter recruitment starts here.

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