VARs- Defeat the Downturn - Hire On-Demand


Malik Zakaria


January 10, 2019

We live in uncertain times, and the potential effects of a recession can be all too difficult and distressing to process. When a recession is forecast, and the economy takes a downturn, this can instill a culture of fear and provoke panic. You might have already noticed the first signs of the economy stalling and shrinking yourself, and perhaps you’re looking for answers to questions or steps you can take to nullify that threat.

During periods of recession, cutting costs becomes a key consideration, but it’s not always easy to find effective solutions and pinpoint areas where you can claw money back. As sales and revenues decline, it can be increasingly difficult to balance the books and keep your head above water.

At Field Engineer, we understand the impact of recessions on VARs and integrators, and we provide a hire on-demand service, which enables you to outsource jobs and manage your workforce effectively during a downturn. We know that impact economic instability can take its toll, and our specially formulated platform is designed to help you lower expenses without making sacrifices.



Hiring On-Demand

When you run a business, you need to ensure you have the staff to accept work and complete jobs to the desired standard. If you’re attempting to keep your company afloat during a period of recession, you may not be able to afford to hire full-time employees or offer long-term contracts even if you want to.

You may even be considering freezing recruitment altogether. Hiring on demand provides an alternative option, which can help you navigate difficult periods and enable you to improve your bottom line. With the Field Engineer marketplace, you have access to a pool of remote and on-site engineers, field engineers and field technicians capable of working on global projects at the click of a button, providing you with the skills you need.

You can hire engineers based on their specific skill set, the rate they charge, their level of experience and their location without adding to your wage bill in the long-term. Many businesses don’t want to alter their staffing structure, but outsourcing can hold the key to surviving during a recession and being well-equipped to recover once more positive signs become apparent on the horizon.

Learning from History

History shows us that periods of recession come and go. Some are much more debilitating and prolonged than others, but a recession will always come to an end. After a downturn, there’s an upturn. It may take time to recover fully and for the economy to bounce back, but there’s always a glimmer of hope. Until those first flashes of dappled light become visible at the end of the tunnel, the focus should be on survival. By cutting expenses and costs by hiring on demand and focusing on your core competencies, you can take the first step to wading through the difficult times and waiting for those shadows to disperse and signs of growth to appear.

Recessions hit VARs hard, and it can be difficult to know where to turn when the future looks uncertain or bleak. If you’re looking to reduce costs, improve your bottom line, and complete a survival mission triggered by a downturn, why not find out more about outsourcing via the Field Engineer marketplace today?



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