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How to Become an Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate


Kaushik Bhaumik


July 9, 2019

If you are looking for a foundational certification to prove your skills and knowledge in networking, the Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate certification is a good choice. It ensures you have essential skills relating to ClearPass and its use.

What is ACCA?

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate v.6.5 certification has been designed to validate a number of ClearPass skills. Those who pass the certification show that they have a foundational knowledge of ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Guest. The exam tests your knowledge of configuring ClearPass as an authentication server for corporate users and guests.

It also ensures you know about device profiling and posture checks. The associate certification is an entry-level certification suitable for networking professionals with around six months of experience. It validates the skills that you need to advance your career as a networking professional.

How Does ACCA Certification Help IT Engineers?

If you're a networking professional, the ACCA certification helps you to gain the qualifications to demonstrate your networking skills and knowledge. You can ensure you are recognized as a valuable team member, whether you're working as a permanent employee or a freelancer.

You will be able to show that you can design and implement authentication and policy enforcement using ClearPass products. The certification is a good way to start advancing your career in networking and can be the first step to become an expert in using ClearPass products and networking in general.



The Benefits of ACCA Certification

Gaining the Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate certification offers a number of benefits to IT and networking professionals. It gives you the chance to make yourself a respected professional in your field and to advance your career by seeking new opportunities. It's the first step in the certifications available for ClearPass products, with more advanced levels available for those who wish to validate their expert skills later.

ACCA certification allows you to validate your understanding of ClearPass and networking. It shows that you can help with designing and implementing authentication and policy enforcement.

To learn more about Aruba certifications, we recommend you to look at Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert and Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional.

Skills Measured by ACCA Certification

ACCA certification measures fundamental skills relating to ClearPass and networking. The certification validates your understanding of how certain aspects of how ClearPass works and your practical knowledge of how to carry out certain tasks. The certification shows that you understand services, enforcement policies and profiles, and that you understand how to integrate and use Windows Active Directory in ClearPass.

It also tests your understanding of using and configuring ClearPass guest, and your understanding and ability to configure posture and profiling. You will also show that you understand and can configure device onboarding.


Aruba ACCA Certification Exams - How to Prepare

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate 6.5 exam is a proctored exam that lasts for one hour. There are 40 questions and a 75% pass rate is required to achieve the certification. The exam is delivered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba, and you need to have an HPE Learner ID to register for it.

You also need a login and password from Pearson Vue, which is the vendor that delivers the exam. The exam will test your skills on overview and active directory, guest and onboard, and endpoint analysis and posture. The exam is based on what you are expected to know based on your responsibilities at work.


Aruba ACCA Certification Prerequisites

There are no specific prerequisites for the Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate certification. However, you need to be capable of understanding and answering all of the questions if you want to pass. Candidates for the exam tend to be people who have at least six months of networking experience who can deploy network solutions for businesses.

There is some recommended training from the ClearPass Essentials materials, which offer instructor-led or virtual instructor-led options that last five days or a web-based option that takes place over four days. These courses can help you to prepare for the exam and get a better idea of what's on it.


Aruba ACCA Certification Training

Training isn't required to take the ACCA certification exam, but many people can still find it valuable to take the courses that are available. You can register for the courses on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website to book through authorized training centers, and they will help you to prepare for the exam.

However, it's important to remember that the certification is designed to test your knowledge and experience that you have gained from your work. So you are unlikely to be starting from a place of no knowledge about the topics on the exam. You should have some understanding of what you will be tested on.


Aruba ACCA Certification Jobs

Aruba ACCA certification is suitable for IT engineers who are expanding their knowledge of networking and network engineers in the early stages of their career. If you have at least six months of experience with networking, the certification will confirm that you have a foundational understanding of important issues and of ClearPass products.

ACCA certification isn't just important for people who are employed. If you decide to take control of your career and start doing contracting or freelance work, the certification will help you to show clients that you have the required knowledge. When you use, you will discover businesses who are looking for professionals who can provide ClearPass and networking services.


Aruba ACCA Certification Salary

Network engineers can earn an average of anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000, or even more, depending on their skills. When you validate your skills using ACCA certification, you have a higher chance of finding the work and the salaries that you want.

If you want to increase your chances of finding the work you want even more, finding freelance jobs is a great way to have more control. Field Engineer is an easy to use platform that gives you access to jobs all over the world so that you can find businesses that are looking for ACCA certified professionals. Just create your profile in mere minutes and browse the jobs that have been posted.

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