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Slowdown in Traditional Employment is Giving Rise to New Economy


Gary McCauley


August 9, 2019

If you’re looking for freelance telecom engineers to work for your business, chances are you’ve questioned whether to take on a full-time engineer in-house or whether you should outsource the work to a freelancer. When looking into this area, you’ll soon find that a slowdown in traditional employment is giving rise to the gig economy. Here’s how this benefits telecom engineers and how it can ultimately benefit you as a business owner!

The Difference Between Traditional Economy and Gig Economy

So, what actually is the difference between the traditional economy and on-demand economy?

  • Traditional Economy - in a traditional economy, people become employed by a company to carry out work for that one company in particular. They generally work nine to five hours (or thereabouts). This offers employees stability and allows them to concentrate solely on tasks benefiting the company they’re contracted to work for on an ongoing basis.
  • Gig Economy - a simple definition of the gig economy is “a labour market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work”, as opposed to the more permanent jobs outlined above.
Traditional Employment vs Gig Economy

The General Benefits of On-Demand Employment

  • For the worker - the gig economy helps telecom workforce to find high paying freelance jobs. The main benefit of working on a freelance or short contract worker job is flexibility. They can control their own working hours by determining how much work they take on themselves. If they want to earn more money in a shorter period, they can take on more freelance roles. If they want a break, they can take on less work for a period of time.
  • For the business - the benefits of on-demand employment for business owners is that they take on a position of less responsibility for the individuals carrying out work on their behalf. They don’t have to provide set hours, they don’t have to provide holiday pay, sick pay, parental leave, or other basic rights that permanent staff members benefit from. They also only pay for work when there is work that needs to be done - they quite literally get what they pay for, rather than paying workers when work is low.

How this Applies to Telecom Engineers

Telecom engineers are in higher demand than ever before, as the majority of people now have a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone that they use regularly - both for personal use and professional use. The traditional economy simply cannot keep up with the demand. Many companies trying to make telecom engineering work in traditional 9-5 positions are pushing their workers too far to try to keep up with the rising demand. Engineers are beginning to work overtime daily and many are not paid for their extra efforts or hours. As you can imagine, this can have a profoundly negative impact on morale. Workers are feeling overworked, underappreciated and undervalued - consequently, their quality of work decreases. Instead, by shifting to freelance engineers, you can contribute to a new economy where workers choose their own hours and bring a much more positive mindset to the table when working. Field Engineer can help you to achieve this!

How you Can Support the Digital Economy with FieldEngineer

There are a host of benefits that come hand in hand when you support the digital economy by using FieldEngineer.

  • Identifying the Best Telecom Talent Nearby - you’re going to want the telecom engineers you use to be the best in their field. This guarantees good quality of work. But sometimes, finding the best of the bunch can prove a little difficult. With FieldEngineer, you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet and comparing different engineers independently. Instead, you can use a simple search feature that pulls up the top telecom talent looking for a gig economy job in your local vicinity.
  • Instant Support - with FieldEngineer you can receive instant support with any of your queries. Our team can provide you with stipulated timelines through an online ticketing system, helping to see how your journey is progressing.
  • Reduced Outgoings - when you use a freelancer from FieldEngineer, you can easily find remote workers. This reduces your outgoings, as you don’t have to provide them with an office space to work from or equipment to work with.
  • Enhance your Business’ Global Status - when you use freelancers from Field Engineer, you will inevitably receive the best service possible. This boosts your business’ functionality and reflects positively on your brand, helping you to achieve global status and revere.

As you can see, the gig economy can be the best way forward for small businesses and large businesses alike. There are benefits that come hand in hand with these roles for both parties!

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