The Strategy to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Telecom Industry


Malik Zakaria


May 8, 2019

Employees are the greatest asset to any business, which is why attracting and retaining the best talent should be top of every entrepreneur's agenda. Given the growing importance of telecom systems in the modern business world, mastering the recruitment and retention aspects relating to telecom’s staff could be the difference between success and failure.

As with most aspects of business, you can learn a lot from others. Here’s how to develop a strategy that’s sure to work wonders in your bid to obtain and keep the top telecom talent.

Attracting Top Talent in Telecom Industries

Assembling a winning team of telecoms workers is an essential first step towards achieving the best results for your business. Use the following questions and answers to navigate your way to the top talent.

Why Would The Best Candidates Work For Us?

If you are ever going to attract the best telecoms technicians, the enthusiasm needs to work both ways. You want them to actively want the opportunity to work for you. Thankfully, there are several methods to make it happen.

Firstly, and most obviously, you need to offer good pay. Money will always be the primary motivator, and you should not forget it. Still, the top talent wants to work with the top companies in the industry. If you have won awards or have a particularly good reputation in regards to tech or staff treatments, you should promote these features too.

Ideas such as giving candidates the chance to create their own job titles can work too. Ultimately, your job at this stage is to make the job description as attractive and exciting as possible.

What Options Do The Best Candidates Have?

It’s important to remember that the top telecoms talent will have multiple options at their disposal. So, it’s not simply a case of providing a good opportunity. It additionally needs to be an opportunity that suits them.

A lot of top talent now recognize that freelancing is the best solution at their disposal. This gives them the opportunity to increase their earnings, pick and choose the jobs that they like, and retain a strong work-life balance. Essentially, it provides them with flexibility and options, which is why you should consider this versatile approach too.

While the agreement needs to be suitable for the business too, entering the marketplace with an open mind can give you an edge.

Where Is The Top Talent Located?

Some telecoms jobs require experts to actively visit the business premises. However, with a growing shift towards cloud computing and online interactions, some tasks can be done remotely. Appreciating this fact can open the door to an even greater talent pool.

Better still, outsourcing the freelance talent will often help reduce direct staffing costs. In addition to aiding the company’s bottom line without adverse outcomes, you can use some of those savings to retain the top talent. In turn, this should lead to greater stability or the long haul while you can also manage your telecoms from a backseat position.

Local talent will still be very useful to the business for both ongoing work and one-off projects. Still, avoiding the pitfall of closing the door on alternative ideas will serve you well.

Retaining Top Talent in Telecom Industries

Encouraging top talent to join your business, even on a short-term project, is a major success. However, keeping them is where the real challenge starts. Richard Branson champions the idea of helping employees become even better so that they won’t want to leave. Here’s how to do it.


Motivation is an integral ingredient in the recipe for success. It can make all the difference as you bid to keep performance levels at their peak. While helping the company grow is a minor incentive, the most attractive features come from personal rewards.

Performance-based rewards can certainly aid the cause. Whether this means a financial bonus or other perks is up to you. Meanwhile, permanent employees should be shown that there is a pathway to progression through promotions. Increased responsibilities and increased pay will often lead to improved performances. Self-actualization is vital.

Regular praise is another top trick that will make the technician feel valued. When they have a positive relationship with you, they’ll naturally want to work harder and stay at your firm.

Provide Clarity

Nothing frustrates employees like a lack of communication and clarity. This is especially true of the top talent in the telecoms industries. Transparency in the company culture, your expectations, and their benefits are essential at all times.

They are the experts in their field, and you should respect this. If you have set out to let them use their initiative within the job description, let them take charge. While you’ll still want to stay in the loop, preventing them from doing their job is not the answer. It’ll destroy their enthusiasm and result in them looking at other roles.

Besides, your over interference could stop the business from gaining the full benefits of having the top talent that you’ve paid for.


Communication isn’t all about presenting your ideas. You also need to listen. Top talent in telecoms know more about the systems than you and will make winning suggestions. Ignore them, and they will soon feel disillusioned with working for you.

Conversely, allowing them to utilize the latest technology and techniques is key. This can help them feel engaged with the work, which can aid their performances. More importantly, those changes are sure to keep your business ahead of the chasing pack. This is precisely the reason for employing top talent in the first place.

Encourage them to become integral members of the team, and they will. Fail to do this, and they’ll jump ship to a company that does.

How Can FieldEngineer Help You?

Field Engineer is a professional platform that boasts a global network of over 40,000 technicians across multiple telecoms jobs. Our easy-to-manage job marketplace allows you to scout the top talent and post jobs to attract applications exclusively from the top talent.

Whether posting full-time placements or short-term contracts, Field Engineer can revolutionize your approach to recruitment and retainment. The future of your business never looked brighter.

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