How Businesses Are Using Freelance Marketplace to Hire Freelance Telecom Engineers.


Mustafa Ali


October 16, 2017

When it comes to business, your company needs to have the best ratio of income to expenses. And luckily, with a freelance marketplace, this all becomes possible. You can hire freelance telecom engineers and others from the convenience of your digital device. But you need to use the right tricks and tactics to make sure you avoid common pitfalls and don’t lose opportunities that come your way. So here is how businesses are using freelance marketplace to hire freelance telecom engineers today:

As a part of Top Freelance Marketplace, it only takes a few minutes to post an engineer job online with Field Engineer. Engineer jobs hiring near you is just a click away with us. Create your account, provide a job description, and you will be ready to attract top-notch engineering talent from the world’s largest site. The term engineer encompasses multiple disciplines. Among engineering positions telecom engineers are most sought as they are on Demand for Freelance Marketplace. We always suggest that hire engineers from the most talented pool of varied experiences, as this would help a lot without compromising the quality deliverables. Field Engineer is the top online workplace, home to thousands of top-rated freelancers.

Find Them Anywhere

Freelance telecom engineers are all around the world. You don’t need to fly to meet them in their city. Instead, you can simply log on to your account and hire them from there. This opens up a new realm of possibilities, and businesses are taking note. They’re getting new talent in places they would never expect to bring their services to the next level.



Integrate with Teams

In the telecom field, teams need to work together to accomplish major goals. It doesn’t work if someone is isolated in a silo of information. They should have ways to contact their team mates if any work needs to be reviewed, rehashed, or thrown out. Luckily, businesses are finding that freelancers can fit quite nicely into their team structures, as they can still talk to each other through various apps like email, Slack, and the like.

Find Innovation

When someone comes from a different part of the world or even the country you live in, they can offer ideas that no on else can. This kind of innovation can find itself leaking into your organization and bringing new solutions to light. This could even lift profits if you find a better way to accomplish an existing goal.

Save Capital

It can be costly to hire someone in most countries in the telecom field. This is because their skills are in high demand and there is a shortage of supply. Luckily, when you’re hiring someone abroad as a freelancer, they might have a lower cost of living. This means they can accept a lower salary and still save your business money in the long run.

Impress Clients

When you tell your clients how many team members you have, you can add some to that number if you’re hiring off of a freelance marketplace. This can go far in their view of your company.

Manage Seamlessly

With so many services letting you manage your work orders online, it is easy to keep track of remote workers. Imagine the ease of using just a few lines of text to communicate something across the globe.

When it comes to freelance telecom engineers, there are certain ways to get in touch with them and make them a part of your team that can set you apart from the competition. So don’t get too far ahead of yourself and jump in before you’re ready. Instead, the tips above can act as a guide for you so you get the most money out of the talent and productivity while risking the least for your firm.

FieldEngineer.com is a Telecom Freelance Marketplace with innovative ways to connect you with engineers and other freelancers for your business needs. We help you bring projects in under budget due to being free for businesses. In addition, you can track your work orders from the app, use the API easily to integrate software, keep an eye on your talent with live tracking, and get connected with the right people quickly with our AI. Field Engineer is helping companies all around the world connect with new talent right from their computer and smart phones every day.

5 Steps to Hire a Best Freelance Telecom Engineer for Your Projects!

Maybe your firm has started a new development project that requires an engineer, but you don’t have one on board. For a short-term project, an efficient way to meet the new employment demand is to hire a contract worker. While there are many qualified freelance engineers in the freelance marketplace, it takes time and planning to hire the right one for your project. The following steps can help you find the talent you need quickly.

Step 1. Outline job requirements

Let’s say you need a qualified Telecom engineer for work that requires experience and knowledge in connected devices and networking. Before searching for generic freelance Telecom engineers, you should determine specific requirements that you are looking for.

For example, for a project that requires software or hardware review, an engineer who has had hands-on experience designing modern devices would be a good fit. As well, a qualified candidate should be apt as an industry thought leader to advice on current technology trends and be able to distinguish a working design from an innovation. Make sure you have a comprehensive list for your contract worker with additional qualities that can give a potential candidate bonus points if met.

Step 2. Estimate budget requirements

After you know the type of engineer you need, decide on a budget for the employment. Aside from hourly wages for the qualified candidate, include additional expenses your firm will cover like travel. Also note if there are bonuses if the engineer outperforms; or if there is budget for future work or even a permanent position. Planning out expenses will not only ensure that you meet budget requirements, it can also help keep a talented freelance worker on board for future projects with similar job demands.

Step 3. Find a reliable website with accredited engineers

An efficient way to find the right freelancer is to use a reliable third-party agency who has a portfolio of qualified candidates. These candidates have usually already passed initial employment or background checks and are waiting for the right job opportunity.

Field Engineer is one such marketplace portal that can assist employers in locating freelance engineers for their projects. The company is founded by members with Telecom work experience, so they know what employment qualities are valuable for Telecom projects. Moreover, the team can provide insights from experience on freelance hiring ahead so that your company can start working with freelance engineers in less time.

Step 4. Interview potential candidates

Often, you’ll want to interview one or more candidates for the project. It’s important to prepare for an interview via phone or in-person to see if their skills are the desired match. Using website like FieldEngineer.com can save initial screening steps and narrow down candidates, and an interview can help further confirm that employment demand is optimally met for both the company and the worker.

Step 5. Note candidate performance for future contract work

Say you’ve found your freelance field engineer; the hiring process isn’t over. A firm can keep contract workers’ portfolio on file so you’ll have resources for future work opportunities. It’s always valuable to have returning contract workers for the next project; they’ll already be familiar with the work pace and internal operations.

A company can better navigate the freelance marketplace with planning. A reliable freelance engineer website is helpful to help employers select the right candidate from a list of qualified contract workers. With a well-thought-out hiring process, you can find a candidate for your current and future engineering projects with greater efficiency.



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